GEFCO and BERGÉ announce the signature of the agreement to create Spain’s leading finished-vehicle logistics provider

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This announcement comes just days after the European Commission approved the joint-venture of the two automotive logistic giants. The new company,...

[E-book] 5 solutions to solve your BREXIT related customs issues

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At midnight on 29th March 2019 (Brussels time), the United Kingdom will become what EU treaties define as a ‘third country’ towards the 27 EU members....

Press release - November 30, 2018

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Access to the information and documents on this section of the website is restricted for regulatory reasons.

[White paper] Rail Freight: a shift to innovation

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Rail transportation is a perfect opportunity to solve global scale transport, ecological, economic, and technological goals. Cargo flow...

Deliver your dangerous goods from Europe to Asia within 30 days via Rail

GEFCO provides you with optimised solutions to transport your dangerous goods by rail from 1 x 40HC container to a full dedicated block train.

[Video] Discover our innovative KSK sequencing centre in Liverpool (UK)!

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In this 12,000 square meters platform operating 24 hours a day, GEFCO experts deployed a unique KSK expertise with a dedicated sequencing IT system...

The Supply Chain World is Not Flat

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The idea that supply chain and logistics networks aren't linear is not new, and neither is the concept of the circular economy.

How Humans and Robots Will Work Together in the Supply Chain

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Humans and robots can work in harmony to create a safer, more efficient working world. Here’s what that might look like.

The Road To Autonomous Truck Viability Begins To Clear

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When it comes to an autonomous truck driving on the interstate, there are several issues that need to be solved.

Federal Regulators, Industry Leaders Review Autonomous Vehicles’ Potential

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The utilization of automated technology in trucks could prevent thousands of fatalities along the highways and offer benefits to the national economy,...

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