Get total visibility on your car deliveries!

27 September 2018

GEFCO strengthens its tracing offer with a new tool: GEFCO DRIVE,  a mobile app for drivers that enables us to provide a new innovative package of information services for you and your dealers!

The automotive sector is under a huge transformation and its supply chain is becoming more and more demanding in terms of visibility. The objective is to improve cost effectiveness but also to deal with the transformation of the retail model to deliver a true omni-channel customer experience. To deal with these challenges, GEFCO improves its delivery tracing offer with a mobile traceability solution on a European scale: GEFCO DRIVE.

GEFCO DRIVE: a solution which provides real time traceability to vehicle manufacturers and dealers

The features of this mobile application:

  • Scanning of loaded vehicles at the delivery platform.
  • Real time geolocalisation during the last miles.
  • Scanning of the Proof of Delivery (POD = signed copies of Delivery Notes). 

Innovative information services for car dealers

To cope with your dealer’s challenges: delivering the best customer experience to their final consumer and improve cost efficiency and cashflow, GEFCO has developed automatic notification services by email or SMS.

  • Loading notification [departure]: when the vehicle is loaded, the dealer receives a notification which informs him about the departure data (date, time, location) and  a delivery time forecast (date, time slot, registration plate number of the trailer with all VINs of the loaded vehicles). This information allows him to anticipate and organise the arrival of the vehicles under the best conditions.
  • Pro-active notification [near the delivery point]: when the trailer arrives within 30 km of the delivery point, the app sends an e-mail or an SMS “I will arrive in XXX minutes“. 
  • POD [Proof Of Delivery] notification: when the vehicle is delivered, the dealer signs the delivery note. The driver takes a picture and sends the documents to the dealer so he can inform its final consumer immediately that his vehicle is ready to be collected. 

Real time information transmitted to GEFCO Automotive Portal

To manage your flows in real time, GEFCO DRIVE transmits all the data in real time to the Automotive portal (Customer Collaborative portal dedicated to Automotive flows). All the geolocalisation information regarding the deliveries can be viewed on a map and the POD uploaded in just one click.

A European solution available in 17 languages!  

GEFCO DRIVE is being deployed in France, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Slovakia and Italy. The first step targeting mainly our own fleet and drivers. 
GEFCO DRIVE strengthens our delivery tracing solutions: 

  • On board truck tracking technology providing real time tracing and IOD. 
  • EDI Solution providing delivery information (date, hour, and location) which is coming from our partners.

Continuous innovation process to deliver flexible and smart solutions

To reduce transit times, the GEFCO DRIVE application will receive the pick orders with the details of the vehicle location at the compound. “We will save time in shipping operations and hopefully reduce the global lead time“ said John van Wanrooy, IT officer of Finished Vehicles Logistics, GEFCO Netherlands. ”Furthermore, we are working on the E-CMR. The POC [Proof Of Concept] realised this year is positive. We are also designing a dedicated application for car dealers." said Frederic Bey, design engineer of the app.

We explore and invent flexible and smart solutions in cooperation with the driver, dealer and car manufacturer driven by the desire to push back boundaries and respond with agility to the most demanding challenges.

Frederic Bey

Design Engineer, GEFCO DRIVE