[AL AWARDS Stories #7] New spare parts hubs implemented by GEFCO

06 June 2018

The seventh to last entry for Automotive Logistics Awards have been shortlisted in the category “Service and performance in aftermarket logistics”: new spare parts hubs have been created for the aftermarket activity of a large car manufacturer.

GEFCO helped a large car manufacturer to reach its objectives by deploying a 9 hubs system. Thanks to this plateform, the car manufacturer could manage efficiently spare parts supply chain. Discover the process of the creation of those hubs. 

What were the needs of our client?

Our client wanted to increase its level of service concerning the distribution of its spare parts activity. The objective was to deliver any spare part to any dealer in a minimum transit time. 

Also, we have been asked to rethink the whole supply chain plan: our challenge was to deploy 9 hubs spread in 4 different European countries (Portugal, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands) to manage inbound flows, storage and local spare parts deliveries more efficiently. 


Only 8 months to develop and deploy the spare parts hubs

Opening a is real demonstration of agility for a complex project. For each , our teams had to: 

Through this project, we also had to design and implement innovative tools and processes:

  • fine-tuned approach for spare parts storage according to their type, family, size, weight, turnover for an optimised preparation process
  • a storage engineering tool for process automation and storage capacity evaluation


Concrete results thanks to a strong collaboration

This project also marked the beginning of a new activity at GEFCO in outsourced storage, preparation and local distribution of spare parts: other car dealers and clients in other business sectors like retail will be able to benefit from this expertise.  

This project is also a tremendous example of a multi divisions involvement for a fruitful teamwork needed to implement a new activity:

  • Different departments: IT, Finance, Real Estate, Legal, WHS, OVL
  • Many countries: Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, France 

A close collaboration with the client was needed for process definition and validation in a tight timeframe leading to the success of this project. These new hubs allow a much higher availability of spare parts for final customers as long as a reduced lead time thanks to 3 deliveries a day.

3,555 sqm

per average

14,000 references

per average

2 customers

per average