[Douane Maroc] Réduisez vos délais et vos coûts logistiques

17 mai 2018

Les équipes de GEFCO Maroc vous accompagnent dans le développement de votre activité grâce à des solutions douanières efficaces.

Located in Morocco for more than 2O years, GEFCO has become a key player in customs thanks to its knowledge in local and international regulations.

This expertise helps simplify your establishment in Morocco and develop the growth of your activity both in Morocco and in customs free zones.

Widad Benhimoud, Head of customs engineering and operations in Morocco answers our questions.


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1. What are the main issues and customs evolutions of the market in Morocco today?
The aim of customs administration in Morocco is to remove all paperwork by the end of 2018 and to digitize all procedures. This represents a key challenge for Moroccan customs for economic players. To be noted, there are six free zones in Morocco that enable economic players to establish and operate with a full VAT and customs duties relief. 

2. What currently are customers’ requirements? 

Automotive and Aerospace industries are currently facing a strong growth in activity. For those companies, the plant supply leadtimes become shorter and shorter. This requires them to implement simplified procedures to reduce costs (with duties suspension for importation) and accelerate flows. 


3. In this context, what are the solutions and added value offered by GEFCO? 

We offer our customers a wide range of services to support them with their establishment in Morocco or in the free zones to the management and monitoring of their daily operations: 

  • Customs engineering and support for customs administration 
  • Dedicated training for customers adapted to their logistics flows (adapted and optimised customs procedures, respect of regulations …)
  • Management of daily customs operations 

The added value offered by GEFCO is to anticipate customers’ needs and to analyze their Logistics and customs issues and guarantee the success of their projects.


4. What are the benefits for customers? 

GEFCO has become a recognised player by the customs administration and has obtained the higher level of new Authorised Economic Operator license in Morocco (category A).

The preliminary work and optimisations offered have had a positive and direct impact on the flow of goods and financial flows of our customers.  

  • Compliance with the customs regulations 
  • Reduced customs clearance leadtime 
  • Reduced logistics costs (customs and transport)
  • Guarantee of reliability in customs management 

Beyond the transport of our components and aerospace equipment, GEFCO ensures a global support in transit/customs operations. We are satisfied because, in addition to complete operations and daily engineering support, GEFCO MAROC could demonstrate pro-activity to improving the in transit flows by using the best facilitation and optimised customs procedures. This enabled us to improve our performance in terms of delivery leadtimes with a reduction of over 10%”, states Christophe Delque, Head of site, UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS

5. What are the development plans for GEFCO customs in Morocco in the coming months and years? 

We have three projects for the future: 

  • In the short term, reinforcing the support offered to new customers in their choice of establishment (Free Zone, National Territory) thanks to our engineering department who operate, consult and train
  • Synchronising our Information System with the one of Moroccan customs 
  • Extending our network of agencies in Morocco with the opening of new facilities (Tanger Medhub, Kenitra)