Post Production Operations, all is about quality & compliance

Interview with Miroslav PIPICH, Operator at GEFCO Czech Republic.

Pipich @GEFCOHow did you become operator at GEFCO Finished Vehicles Logistics site in Kolín?

I was previously working at the automotive factory next to GEFCO site. 2 years ago, I decided to join the other side of the production and to move to GEFCO Post-Production Operations center. My colleagues and our team leader trained me and taught me all the knowledge and skills I needed to become an expert. I started on one installation, and then learnt to work on another. After some time, you get the knack of it and you start becoming really productive on all operations.

Automotive market is evolving quite fast; how do you adapt to all these evolutions?

GEFCO developed a complete training program. We are often re trained to test our skills and we have new trainings each time a new installation or set of stickers is marketed. That way, we are all able to manage every operations GEFCO provides on Kolín site: installation of parking assistants, fog lamps, navigation systems, rear diffusers and car stickers.

What is key in your job?

First of all, I would say that you must be handy and to have an interest in cars. It is also very important to be a team player. I have the chance to work in a great team in which we can rely on each other. As we do all operations you also need to be crafty and to have good adaptation skills. To success in doing all these operations, quality and compliance are the two words! So you need manual dexterity and compliance with procedures. Then, all our clients get satisfied when receiving their cars. 


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