Terraillon - GEFCO supports its retail strategy in France


Business case

  • Company : Terraillon
  • Logistics solutions : Warehousing, order preparation and reverse logistics

Since 2012, TERRAILLON, the leading brand in the weighing category and a major European player in connected well-being, has entrusted GEFCO to streamline and optimise the logistics of its products and events POS (Point Of Sale) displays in France.
In order to efficiently support the development of business with large retailers (medium and large stores, specialist stores, e-marketplaces), GEFCO teams succeeded in optimising a logistics solution, from the receipt of containers imported from China to the management of customer returns.



  • Accelerated order preparation (initially over 2 days)
  • Logistics processes streamlined : special events in-store preparation and reverse Logistics
  • Stock level optimisation
  • Greater competitiveness
  • Increased visibility of stock


  • Preparation time reduced by 50% (1 day Vs 2 days initially)
  • Preparation compliance rate: 99.8%
  • Monitoring of inventory / stock reliability: 98.4%
  • Respect of order preparation time: 100%
  • Logistics costs reduced by 20%
  • Visibility across all operations

GEFCO solution

  • Dedicated organisation
    • Project Manager
    • Engineering and global solution optimisation
  • Implementation of the Logistics solution
    • Control of the goods (quantitative and qualitative) and labelling
    • Storage
    • Order and stock management
    • Special events instore preparation: co-packing (display design), kitting, labelling
    • Continuous inventory management
    • Preparation of shipments
    • Reverse Logistics
      • Product diagnosis
      • Reconditioning and reintegration into the sales stock or back to factory, recycling
  • Online orders and stock monitoring with our WMS (Warehouse Management System)
  • Monthly KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) monitoring

Key figures 2016

200 containers

12,000 orders prepared

3,000 boxes assembled

6,000 reverse logistics units

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