BMW - Providing logistics services for two-wheelers in Argentina

15 March 2018

Business case

  • Company : BMW
  • Industry : Two-Wheelers
  • Solutions : Integrated logistics, Warehousing, Road transport


BMW’s network of dealerships spans the six cities of Bahia Blanca, Tucuman, Cordoba, Mendoza, Santa Fe and Neuquén in Argentina. These locations are setting high expectations when it comes to the precision of deliveries and responsiveness, in particular with regard to accessories and spare parts. In order to ensure these expectations are met, BMW needed a partner that was capable of handling the entire challenge from A to Z.


German manufacturer BMW aimed to optimise the distribution of its two-wheeled vehicles in Argentina, while improving the quality of service.



  • Supply chain continuity: integration of preparation, packaging and quality control stages
  • Operational excellence: 99% visibility of stocks
  • 99.69% of urgent requests were met within the agreed timeframe
  • 99.23% of return requests carried out within the agreed timeframe
  • Quality of service rate: 99%
  • By optimising storage, BMW was able to greatly reduce its logistics costs

GEFCO solution

In response to BMW’s challenge, we designed separate solutions for vehicles and spare parts. Our aim: to ensure the maximum reliability of the storage and shipment of two-wheelers and to be capable of providing urgent delivery of components.

  • 2 service levels: urgent and standard
  • Warehouse operations: receipt, quality control, bonded warehousing, packaging in wooden crates
  • Spare parts: handling stock management, issuing preparation orders, preparation of event kits
  • Road capillary distribution

"Since 2008, GEFCO has been one of BMW’s three go-to suppliers."

18 dealerships

54 000 spare parts distributed in 2016