[White paper] Mobility as a Service: how to drive efficiency and enhance customer experience?

24 February 2020

Personal mobility is evolving rapidly, as customers turn to multimodal solutions across public transport, bicycles, shared vehicles, scooters and more. To meet this ever-changing demand, technology and automotive companies are offering integrated Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions and developing platforms that allow customers to access and pay for transport based on use.

The 3 key success factors to thrive in this new market are; connectivity, customer experience and efficient logistics.

This white paper presents MaaS business models, their impacts on the automotive supply chain, and how companies can respond to the mobility challenges.

Content :

  • From mass production to MaaS solutions
  • MaaS business models
  • MaaS: what are the impacts on the supply chain?
  • New logistics models to invent

pdf, 3 MB