The GEFCO project, top winner of the ESSEC Digital Week Competition 2019!

24 January 2019

GEFCO participated for the first time this year to the ESSEC* Digital Week Competition, a competition of agencies working on real cases offered by 25 companies. An intense week and rich in lessons.

*ESSEC = ESSEC Business School, one of the leading institutions in Europe for business education

The Smart city / Smart mobility challenge launched by GEFCO for students has been a bearer of innovation!

Grouped into 75 agencies, 307 students faced the 25 participating companies to meet the different needs.
The GEFCO team represented by Valérie Floridia (Head of Innovation Inland), Arnaud Levilain (Engineering Group Manager), Thierry Almes (Project Manager Innovation Factory) and Ludovic Millequant (Talent Sourcing Manager Group) wanted to challenge the students on the creation of a new mobility and low-carbon logistics offer focusing on the last mile delivery. A great opportunity to bring our BtoB expertise to the BtoC market!

This new disruptive offer aroused the curiosity of the agencies and allowed them to dive into the heart of the strategic and digital issues of large companies.

The winning team of the competition successfully defended the GEFCO project. "Congratulations to the team that has been convincing, innovative, surprising, precise and creative. The work accomplished in 3.5 days is bluffing: a competitive analysis, a targeting, an advanced creative strategy and a rather exhaustive budget while remaining frugal! " testifies Arnaud Levilain.

This win-win experience validated the strong attractiveness of the future offer, now supported by 2 of our Romanian colleagues in the Innovation Factory, and students to answer a brief on a real and innovative case.

This approach is part of GEFCO's Infinite Proximity ™ initiative to place innovation at the heart of its future strategy, and to highlight the areas of development, expertise and agility of project management needed to accelerate the innovation.

To explore, invent, cooperate and share are the missions that GEFCO has entrusted.

Congratulations to the team that proudly worn GEFCO's colors and won the 2019 Digital Week Competition! The 3 teams who worked on our brief demonstrated the true talent and creativity expected of future leaders. GEFCO is pleased to continue the partnership with ESSEC and to contribute to the development of the skills of young talents. Congratulations!

Ludovic Millequant

Talent Sourcing Manager Group