Reinforce your international flows with our Morocco-Europe tradelane via Spain

11 June 2019

Next year there are 25,000 crossings planned for the Strait of Gibraltar to guarantee the successful development of your international business. This service operates through weekly departures with competitive transit times.

Our experts offer you a comprehensive range of solutions to fit with your volume and seasonality: FTL/LTL & groupage

  • Spot or regular business
  • Weekly departures from Morocco and Europe
  • Fast Transit Times (from 2 to 6 days for FTL/LTL & Groupage)
  • Cross-docking in Tanger
  • Domestic pickup and delivery
  • Customs & Tax management 
  • Insurance & secured...

  • Rigid steel box semi-trailers
  • Wax seal for the security and traceability of the load
  • AEO certified

…with a high level of agility...

  • Resolution of unforeseen incidents on the ground
  • Management of contingency plans and alternative routes

…providing you with urgent services

  • Ability to work with urgent deadlines
  • Double drivers and relays available on request

... customised to your industry.

Automotive: Optimise your Inbound logistics

  • Parts collection in Europe and Morocco
  • Cross-dock and warehousing
  • Sea transport to cross the Strait of Gibraltar
  • Customs and tax management
  • Direct supply to the factory 
  • Supply via VMI 


Textile: Benefit from our dedicated hanging clothes solution (GOH)

  • 250 safety metal trailers lined with flared panels for the transport of hanging garments
  • 40 trailers adapted with honeycomb interiors
  • 4 vans dedicated to garment collection in the most select workshops in Morocco


Aviation, Aerospace & Defence: Secure your transport with our tailored solutions

  • Customs & Fiscal representation
  • Monitoring of all your supply chain flows through a control tower
  • Inbound:
    • Plant supply (raw materials, components...)
    • Management of sub-assembly and conditioning
    • Lineside deliveries
  • Spare parts management
  • Industrial projects


We offer you the most important fleet operating in Morocco dedicated to this tradelane.


Dedicated fleet in MoroccoFleet in EuropeOwn towing vehicles

10 Tautliners

28 trucks

 4 vans

10 box trailers

400 trailers (100m3)

Robust chassis, reinforced doors and security bolts to

ensure hermetic shipments to cross the Strait of Gibraltar.

25 tautliners

66 EURO 6 trucks 

& 90 drivers operating between Europe & Morocco


…and give you a full visibility on your flows

Competitive transit time

from 2 to 6 days

Dedicated fleet

10 tautliners in Morocco, 400 trailers in Europe

Weekly departures

from Morocco and Europe

AEO certified

in Europe and Morocco