New temperature controlled consolidation centre in Slovenia (Ljubljana)

14 March 2019

With multimodal connections, Air, Road and Sea, the consolidation centre in Ljubljana near Koper (100 km distance) provides you with efficient Export/ Import solutions between Europe and Israel in 6-8 days*!

 Our experts handle your products to optimise your loads…

  • Reception
  • Quantity and quality control
  • Storage & handling
  • Orders preparation
  • Shipping operations
  • Additional services:
    • Piece by piece packaging
    • Palletising, packaging according to each client’s requirements
    • Labelling

...within a large consolidation centre...

  • 6,000 m2 storage
  • 1,100 m2  temperature control
  • 3,000 mshipping area
  • 6 gates

...secured & certified

  • Video surveillance inside and outside
  • Alarm with security service response in 7 minutes 
  • Code controlled entrance
  • 24/7/365 guarded premises
  • Enforced corporate security policies with fully trained employees
  • AEO certified

...connected to Koper

  • From Koper to Israël: 8 days
  • From Israël to Europe via Koper: 6 days (from Israël to Koper: 4 days) to reach major economic centers


We provide you a full visibility on your flows


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Imports and Exports between Europe and Israel in 6/8 days!

Competitive transit time

Control Tower

Temperature controlled and secured solution

Efficient Customs & Tax representation services