Group’s first #Explorathon days and GEFCO Innovation Factory

24 October 2018

Emmanuel Cheremetinski, Executive Vice President of GEFCO’s Inland Division discusses the Group’s first #Explorathon and GEFCO Innovation Factory.

Can you tell us more about the Explorathon that’s going live today?

GEFCO’s first Explorathon is truly a special event for the GEFCO Innovation Factory! It’s a demonstration of our commitment to innovation and a great expression of our “Infinite Proximity™” culture, which promotes collective intelligence and partnerships. Five teams of GEFCO colleagues from the Headquarters, France, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain will be in Paris today and tomorrow to meet with a panel of experts from the GEFCO Innovation Factory who will challenge their projects and decide whether their ideas have the potential to support our business and drive growth. These two days will be intense for our colleagues, and I know for sure they’ll benefit from this tremendous experience, whatever the outcome – GEFCO as well.  Since the GEFCO Innovation Factory was launched in June 2018, we’ve received a number of projects, five of which have been selected to participate in the Explorathon. I’m proud that so many colleagues have taken part in this adventure and I’m sure there will be even more to come!


Why did you launch the GEFCO Innovation Factory and where did the idea come from?

The GEFCO Innovation Factory will help turn GEFCO, an already recognized expert in supply chain solutions with a global footprint, into a truly innovative leader that is anticipating the challenges ahead and is prepared to lead the transformation of the sector. GEFCO is operating in a constantly changing environment, with fast-evolving customer needs and market geographies, increasingly complex environmental regulation, and disruptive digital technologies that are transforming production processes and consumer lifestyles. That’s why Intrapreneurship is at the heart of the Group’s strategy. For some years now, GEFCO has been nurturing its internal innovation ecosystem and the launch of the GEFCO Innovation Factory is a perfect example. We truly want this initiative to succeed because we’re convinced our employees are in the best position to understand our customers’ needs and find the right solutions.


What are your expectations for the Explorathon?

 After the Explorathon, the most promising projects will keep advancing within the GEFCO Innovation Factory with  support from internal experts and potentially external ones. In the meantime, the GEFCO Innovation Factory will continue to offer opportunities for teams to submit new concepts and we’ll support every effort to nurture a spirit of innovation at GEFCO. We strongly believe in our employees’ creativity and ability to innovate. The supply chain market is set to undergo further spectacular transformation. Through internal initiatives such as the GEFCO Innovation Factory and external partnerships we are uniquely positioned to seize the growth opportunities offered by transformation.

We strongly believe in our employees’ creativity and ability to innovate.

Emmanuel Cheremetinsky

Member of the Management Board and Executive Vice President – Overland, Warehousing, Reusable Packaging & Finished Vehicles Logistics