GEFCO University: the digital career platform

10 March 2020

Virginie Outerovitch, GEFCO Group Talent Director, answers four questions about GEFCO University (G&U).

What is GEFCO University and where did the idea come from?

GEFCO University is GEFCO’s new skills and career development platform for our 15,000 employees worldwide. It is designed to take training to the next level for our employees to continuously develop their capabilities while supporting the Group’s performance. 

For several years now, we have been thinking about transforming our approach to training in order to make it more effective and closer to the needs of our employees. The need for such a transformation was then confirmed in 2016 when an employee engagement survey revealed we could do better in terms of internal training and career development. To meet our employees’ high expectations, we immediately started exploring solutions that would fit our structure and DNA as a truly global network connecting people and assets worldwide.

We partnered with Cornerstone and DXC Technology to launch G&U, a unique platform for providing a complete, motivating training experience to employees of every role and position. This initiative aligns with the group’s Infinite Proximity culture, which is based on commitments like listening and learning, and developing a spirit of innovation.


How are you engaging employees in G&U?

With G&U, our ambition is to promote a culture of career development, shifting from a passive approach to active, collaborative learning. The objective is also to fully personalize the learning experience with flexible content delivery. Through our interface, employees across the company can now find attractive and collaborative training – called academies – to support their development. Yet, the Social Selling Academy powered by G&U together with WSI and the GEFCO’s marketing team, and designed to support the transformation of GEFCO’s global sales forces was awarded Gold by ActionCo at as best initiative in social selling in 2019.

As a web-based, hosted solution, G&U can accelerate employees’ access to knowledge and enhance their business skills. It’s available 24/7 in 43 languages to all 15,000 of our employees worldwide, including in smaller and isolated offices where access to training is traditionally limited due to the lack of local capabilities and expertise. G&U can also be customized for the most user-friendly experience. The platform gives every employee a chance to explore unlimited possibilities and evolve within the company.

GEFCO University (G&U) makes GEFCO a GREAT Place to Grow.

Virginie Outerovitch

GEFCO Group Talent Director


How was G&U rolled out?

GEFCO University was rolled out progressively from June 2018 to October 2019, starting with two pilot countries, United Kingdom and Turkey, and 2,000 early adopters (mainly managers) across the company. After this successful first phase, we launched full-scale implementation in four waves. To engage employees, we created a community of “Guardians” to act as local G&U advisors. This initiative proved to be successful, since G&U is now used in every GEFCO country worldwide.


How have employees reacted to G&U and what’s next for 2020?

We’ve received very positive feedback from our managers, employees and human resource teams. In September 2019, 83% of GEFCO countries and clusters had a connection rate of more than 60%. We are also very proud that in 2019, our platform has received the prestigious “Il Logistico dell’Anno” award for the best initiative carried out by a logistics company in Italy. G&U was also shortlisted by Automotive Logistics in the category "Logistics’ Got Talent Award". It’s all very encouraging for the team who worked hard to set up this ambitious program. We’re very happy of our achievement and confident it will benefit GEFCO’s business development.

Moving forward, we want to continuously add new training modules, to ensure G&U evolves in line with employee needs worldwide. For example, in November 2019, we launched the Innovation Academy in cooperation with the GEFCO Innovation Factory, our internal incubator, to nurture a culture of innovation and drive an entrepreneurial mindset. This is just one of the many academies we have set up since September 2019 to cater to all employees or specific roles.