GEFCO reiterates its commitment to youth employment through renewed partnerships with the Institut de l’Engagement and NQT

07 July 2022


Because human capital is its main source of value and expertise and one of its ESG strategy’s pillars, GEFCO has naturally decided to commit to youth employment, a priority cause for the future of our society. The Institut de l'Engagement’s mission is to support young people from all social and geographical backgrounds in structuring their professional life, after a time of volunteer work.

NQT is an association providing individual support for young graduates (under 30) with three years or more of higher education, coming from priority neighborhoods or modest social backgrounds. They help them find employment, work-study programs or launch into entrepreneurship.

Through these two partnerships, GEFCO chose leading associations, acknowledged for their commitment to the general interest, the relevance of their actions and results. In addition to the financial support provided, these partnerships matter because of their human value. They enable the Group's employees to make a personal commitment to the younger generation. For the Institut de l'Engagement, GEFCO encourages its employees to offer their skills to the association and take part in the assessment of applications or in admission juries. For NQT, they are invited to become mentors of young graduates to help them in their professional path and build their self-confidence. In the first year, 35 young people were supported by GEFCO employees in France.


About NQT
Since 2006, NQT has been supporting young graduates with three years or more of higher education, under 30, and from modest backgrounds in their search for a job, a work-study program or the launch of their start-up. In 16 years, NQT has established itself as the leading player in professional mentoring in France. It is the first network of companies committed to equal opportunity, with more than 1,000 partners, including 750 corporate sponsors. More than 67,000 young people have already benefited from the program, thanks to more than 14,000 volunteer mentors. The mentoring system developed by NQT has proven its worth: on average 70% of the young people followed are recruited within 6 months, at the level of their skills.

About the Institut de l’Engagement
The Institut de l'Engagement was created in 2012 on the initiative of Martin Hirsch, current president, and Claire de Mazancourt, executive director, to enable those who have revealed themselves during a period of civic engagement, particularly a Civic Service, to build a future that matches their potential. The Institut de l’Engagement welcomes 700 laureates per year. More than 90% of them successfully return, to school, find a job or start a business. Since its creation, the Institute has accompanied more than 5,500 young people.

Press Release - Partnerships with the Institut de l’Engagement and NQT

July 2022


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