GEFCO launches two innovative phygital solutions: on demand services for in-life car logistics and a core freight marketplace

23 October 2019

GEFCO Group, the European leader in automotive logistics and a global multimodal supply chain expert, announced today the launch of two “phygital” solutions (combining physical capabilities and digital technologies) to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

These innovations are powered by the Group’s 70-year know-how in logistics and the digital skills of partners. Recently acquired by GEFCO, Chronotruck is a digital road freight marketplace that simplifies deliveries for shippers and carriers through robust algorithms that match demand with available supply. Moveecar isa digital platform created by GEFCO and external IT experts* to offer car logistics throughout a vehicle lifecycle for automotive and mobility players.

Phygital disruption

“Digital consumer behavior is clearly influencing our strategy in terms of how we service the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) markets,” commented Emmanuel Arnaud, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at GEFCO. “We are combining our physical network know-how and digital skills to champion new phygital services.” “Chronotruck and Moveecar leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning and powerful algorithms to transform the customer experience.”


Innovation, a growth driver for GEFCO

Innovation through digitalization and selected acquisitions are fundamental to GEFCO’s growth strategy. Moveecar and Chronotruck’s development are two solid examples of how GEFCO is transforming the logistics sector and bringing new value to customers. “Moveecar is building on GEFCO’s experience in finished-vehicle logistics and end-to-end solutions to unlock the tremendous potential of the used car market,” confirmed Luc Nadal, GEFCO’s CEO. “In addition, Chronotruck’s agile, accessible digital platform ensures that GEFCO’s customers have timely answers to their immediate needs.”


Chronotruck: access to the best available carrier at any time  

Chronotruck is a core freight marketplace,” explained Rodolphe Allard, CEO of Chronotruck. Chronotruck connects shippers and carriers through a digital platform using powerful algorithms. “We developed this high-performance solution for shippers and carriers that require timely, cost-efficient solutions. Our service reduces empty truck loads and limits carriers’ carbon footprints, while allowing smaller trucking companies to access bigger customers.

Shippers can select a carrier for any of their general cargo, ranging from 50 kilos to 28 tons at the right price and the right time. Chronotruck offers access to nearby carriers and a portfolio of digitalized services, including instant price quotes, geo-tracking, proof of delivery and e-invoicing. For carriers, the digital platform offers an opportunity to optimize flows and run trucks at full capacity by taking nearby loads.


Reliable, cost efficient and sustainable solutions

Today, truck capacity is hard to find and driver availability an increasing challenge. When shippers make a request, carriers are geo-localized and respond with instant price quotes. Chronotruck’s marketplace solution enables businesses to choose a carrier at a price and time to suit them. 95% of customer requests find a solution.

The platform allows all carriers to participate, opening opportunities for smaller carriers to access large customers,” confirmed Rodolphe Allard. “There are no barriers to entry and we do not reuse carrier data. The information we request from the carrier is the same as in traditional logistic transactions.”


International expansion 

Chronotruck serves over 9,000 customers in France and plans to expand its European footprint soon. The digital platform is currently available in seven languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.


Moveecar: in-life car logistics in a click anytime, anywhere

Moveecar’s digital platform enables car-as-a-service (CaaS) players such as car makers, car dealers, fleet managers, rental and leasing companies, auctioneers, e-commerce pure players and mobility players to provide added-value car logistics throughout the vehicle life cycle.

“Not long ago, consumers would buy pre-owned cars through ads in newspapers,” stated Dominque Masutti, Moveecar’s CEO. “Consumers are now turning to the web to shop for new and pre-owned cars and Moveecar’s services will help automotive and mobility players meet customer expectations and generate higher margins.”

There’s an exciting untapped market for Moveecar’s services. Forty-five million pre-owned cars are sold each year compared to 15 million new cars in Europe. Transporting these cars, often in small groups or single deliveries, is complicated. Moveecar leverages GEFCO’s expertise in finished-vehicle logistics to transport them seamlessly within countries and across borders.

Emmanuel Arnaud

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for GEFCO

STAART services

In addition to transporting used cars, Moveecar will roll out additional services that can be activated throughout a car’s lifecycle. Under Moveecar’s “STAART” umbrella, meaning Storage, Transport, Administration, Appraisal, Repair and Travelexperience, customers can access services anytime, anywhere. Moveecar is building a network of local partners in countries to offer STAART services. These can be customized and offered under the Moveecar brand or as a plug in to the customer’s brand.


Two used cases for Moveecar’s services

Moveecar’s vision of a key-to-key service

Through the Moveecar app, customers receive an alert that their car lease is expiring. They can then use the app to order repairs before the car is returned to the leasing company. The leaser can then plan and carry out an inspection using the app. If the leaser wants to sell the car, Moveecar can recondition it for sale and transport it to a new owner. This soon to be released key-to-key service demonstrates the breadth of solutions Moveecar offers throughout a car’s lifecycle.

Services for mobility players

The growth of car sharing, and other mobility solutions will allow Moveecar to expand its service offer. “In the near future, Moveecar will deliver a clean and fully fueled car to customers at their home whenever they want and pick it up again, as well as offer a range of other services. We can manage all these tasks through our app. The future is exciting,” concluded Dominique Masutti.


International expansion

Major online buyers and sellers of vehicles in Europe are already using Moveecar’s services for single and multiple cross-border car deliveries in France, Portugal and the UK. By the end of 2019, vehicle inspection and repair services will be offered in many countries and other “STAART” services will be progressively rolled out. In 2020 key-to-key services will be launched as well as concierge services for individual customers.


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