Chronotruck, the new digital GEFCO road marketplace in Europe

25 September 2019

In June 2019, GEFCO announced the acquisition of Chronotruck (100%) to support its strategy of leveraging new technologies to enhance the customer experience and offering fully digitalised services to meet the needs of current and future logistics ecosystems in a stress market. How can Chronotruck help you to become more efficient in the management of your transportation in Europe?


4 questions to Rodolphe Allard, Chronotruck’s CEO.


Are you a freight forwarder digital platform? 

At Chronotruck, our mission is to find the best carrier for any shipment, at any time (24/7) at the right price in Europe with our powerful algorithms. We are a freight forwarder focused on road freight shipments from 50 Kg to 28 tons for standard and ADR goods. We are therefore responsible for the shipping. 


What are the main functions of Chronotruck ?

The main functions are the following: 

  • Quote: in less than 3 clicks, you can get a price for your shipments.
  • Order & track: once your request is submitted, it will be offered to carriers selected by our algorithms. Once booked, you will be able to track your shipment online until the delivery and the invoicing.
  • Monitor: your dashboard provides you with a clear picture of each shipment in real time and an access to your invoice online.



What are the main benefits provided to the customers?

Along with many other benefits, we provide a cost efficient, reliable, green solution in a difficult road market in Europe.

  • Reliability and performance: 100% of orders are tracked and our shippers have an average customer satisfaction score of 4.6/5.
  • Cost efficient & green solutions: Thanks to our geolocation functions, we select the nearby carrier from the loading place to ensure trucks can run at full capacity. Furthermore, our teams are focused on customer experience, ensuring our platform is user friendly so that you can save time day to day.
  •  Capacities: We guarantee over 97% of customers’ shipping requirements even when the capacities are tight. This is not a minor issue when we know that Europe capacity constraints have become an increasingly acute challenge. The International Road Transport Union (IRU) reported that driver shortages reached 21% in freight transport in 2018, meaning one in five European truck driver jobs stood vacant. Perhaps even more concerningly, the problem is expected to increase with the IRU’s research suggesting driver vacancy rates across Europe could rise to 37% in 2019. 


What is the coverage of Chronotruck? 

Chronotruck mainly operated initially in France. Thanks to GEFCO’s powerful network, we speed up our European footprint. We have already developed the platform in 6 languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish to cover most of Europe. 


Chronotruck have served more than 9,000 customers to date. Why not find out how you can benefit?

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