[AL Awards stories #1] GEFCO University, the new learning tool adapted to every need across countries, departments & teams

26 June 2019

The first entry for the Automotive Logistics Awards has been shortlisted in the category "Logistics’ Got Talent Award".

It all began in November 2016… 

GEFCO University was created as a result of the Employee Engagement Survey conducted in November 2016. GEFCO received a low and below satisfactory rating within the section “Learning & Development and Career Opportunities” by its employees. To address this result, the platform was implemented to:

  • Target entire scope of learning (tactical – integrated – strategic) and beyond; the Corporate University embraces the vision of leadership, not just the skill required for the execution of the job 
  • Articulate Group University with Country University. Some programs will be led by the group, others will be led by countries or Zones 
  • Promote a culture of development and continue to explore ways of working with self-managed and self-directed learning. Ensure employee use GEFCO University extensively 
  • Connect Corporate University with GEFCO worldwide project 
  • Cover function mapping and career paths 
  • Support employee on-boarding 
  • Develop curriculum within Academies 
  • Continue our effort heading to increase digital learning 
  • Ensure we propose all possible development tools including the most innovative 
  • Position Manager as coach for the development of her/his team 
  • Continue to leverage Learning & Development network (HR and correspondents in Business)

How did we activate and implement GEFCO University?
G&U GEFCO University design involved HR and Managers. 
After a Request for Proposal, GEFCO selected COSD (Cornerstone on Demand) as partner. G&U GEFCO University will be progressively rolled out until the end of 2019. 

Main steps:

  • June 2018: kick-off with PM Academy 
  • 20th September 2018: pre-opening for 2000 Early Adopters across GEFCO Worldwide
  • January 2019: GEFCO University for All in Turkey, the Middle East and the UK 
  • By end of 2019: GEFCO University for all GEFCO employees in all countries                                            

Successful results! 

  • Develop competences 
  • Recognition of regional learning challenges with consistent learning platform 
  • Worldwide tracking and audit of learning/ development activity 
  • Accessibility 24/7 & Available in 43 languages
  • Local requirements support with the scalability of the platform 
  • Personalised interfaceand is user friendly 
The development of GEFCO Group employees is a priority. By providing a corporate university, we have enabled 15,000 employees to develop their skills today by preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow. I was delighted when I learned that our project was one of the 3 finalists of the 2019 Awards. The project enables unlimited access to the development of employee potential, going beyond traditional approaches and adopting technologies that reinvent training.

Virginie Outerovitch

Group Talent Director

Develop competences

Worldwide tracking

Local requirements support

Following the success of last year’s awards, GEFCO is participating to the Automotive Logistics Awards – Europe 2019 and 2 projects have been shortlisted for the final: