2 days left before the Techstars Innovation Bootcamp with GEFCO's intrapreneurs

12 March 2019

The Bootcamp for GEFCO intrapreneurs will start this Thursday March, 14th!

The Bootcamp is the accelerator for GEFCO “start-up” projects, in partnership with Techstars. During 6 weeks, GEFCO intrapreneurs will receive expert support of mentors and resources from both GEFCO and Techstars networks to boost their projects.

What they receive is an accelerated training, similar to “The Techstars Acceleration program run from September to December for Start-uppers”. This program will help our intrapreneurs to refine/ pivot their project and structure a Go-To-Market strategy. It is a unique opportunity for each team to move from an idea to a full-fledge concept, that can be tested at GEFCO.

End of January, 3 teams defended their projects in front of a jury, composed equally of Techstars and GEFCO members. The Jury selected 2 teams based on team quality and complementarity, strategic fit to GEFCO needs, and size of business opportunity. D.SCO.R and Print It Easy will join the program on March, 14th.

6 employees, involved on 2 projects, will dedicate 50% of their time to Techstars Bootcamp. Techstars team will expect same level of involvement and implication as “real start-uppers”. So, what will do they do along those 6 weeks? Among other things, they will learn and put into practice how to refine their product or services, better target customers, identify key features of the product at market launch (vs. features that they will develop later), and how to monetize their solution.

Our 6 intrapreneurs will be not only followed up closely by Techstars teams, but also by 4 GEFCO mentors. These 4 mentors will assist each team on their product, services content, and business case journey. Each team will present their project to the Innovation Committee in June 2019 for a Go / No Go decision.

Project aims at developing a Transportation tracking platform for connected vehicles, leveraging car data. This will help to geolocalize vehicles in real-time and reduce logistics inefficiencies. The 2 mentors will be Anne Lambusson who will support with her relation with PSA and Dominique Masutti, who will help on the technical side and digital platform.

Print It Easy 
Project aims at setting-up an asset-light One-Stop-Shop platform which will render 3D printing and shipping easy for our clients by combining and selecting the most relevant partners. The 2 mentors will be Paul-Henri Freret, due to its expertise in 3D printing and Sabine Spielrein to help the team in the project structuration.

Aim of GEFCO through the Bootcamp is to transform ideas into grounded projects and prepare each team as a real start-up to pitch to “GEFCO’s internal investors” about their idea, how it answers a market’s problem, the product’s roadmap and the profitability of the model.