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Stress-free Chinese new year with our time critical solutions

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The Chinese New Year is a time for celebrating!

[White paper] Chemicals supply chain: how to catch up the race!

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The challenges facing the chemical industry impact its . Competitive edge will go to those companies which especially optimise visibility,...

[White paper] Future of vehicle compounds

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Finished vehicle compound management is changing dramatically, driven by new markets, technology and customers expectations. So how are manufacturers...

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GEFCO has been selected by Airbus to manage its reusable packaging for a sustainable supply chain

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GEFCO, a world-leading provider of multimodal supply-chain solutions, has signed an agreement with Airbus, a global leader in the aerospace sector, to...

GEFCO continues to increase revenues and improve operational results in the first nine months of 2019

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GEFCO, the European leader in integrated automotive logistics including finished vehicle logistics and a top 10 global provider of multimodal supply...

GEFCO launches two innovative phygital solutions: on demand services for in-life car logistics and a core freight marketplace

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GEFCO Group, the European leader in automotive logistics and a global multimodal expert, announced today the launch of two “phygital”...

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