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The navigator Yvan Bourgnon chose GEFCO for his new Bimedia sporting challenge: reaching Greenland from Alaska through the Northwest Passage with his sporting catamaran, in the middle of the Arctic ice.

The challenge

Transporting the catamaran from the port of Antwerp (Belgium) to Nome (Alaska) under extremely tight deadlines, and in totally secure conditions, in order that Yvon could sail on time at the beginning of July alone on his sailboat, and take advantage of the ice thawing to sail along the pack ice near polar bears and marine mammals.

The GEFCO solution: door-to-door logistics operation management 

The management of Yvan Bourgnon's sports catamaran required exceptional means of transport using out-of-gauge, secure packaging solutions and special lifting and handling equipment. The coordination of the freight forwarding operations (ocean and air) was key in order to manage the logistics operations with accuracy. It’s for this specific expertise of complex transport management that Yvan chose GEFCO to provide logistical support.

Mission accomplished: The 6.30 meter-long catamaran arrived by cargo ship in Seattle, Washington, USA, in separate pieces, and was then shipped by fast-line ship to Anchorage, Alaska. It was finally loaded on a Hercules C-130 cargo plane to arrive in Nome on June 26th. The whole operation was carried out by the industrial GEFCO Project Cargo team.

Beyond the logistics solution, GEFCO and Yvan Bourgnon share a broad view of the world and a true culture of achievement.
On his way through the Arctic Circle, the adventurer Yvan Bourgnon shows us a different view of the world, as does GEFCO, which proposes to see the world of logistics from a new angle, symbolized by the projection of FULLER which respects the proportions and distances between countries.
In an evolving and complex environment that requires significant adaptability and responsiveness to face new situations, GEFCO's challenge on a daily basis is to always offer you tailor-made competitive solutions.


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