[INFOGRAPHICS] 200 GEFCO customs experts ensuring full compliance and improving cash flow

Changing international trade and regulatory landscapes, increased security liabilities and penalties for non-compliance, ever growing complexity and fluctuations in demand, are just a few of the barriers and challenges global supply chains are facing. 
In this fluctuating business environment, GEFCO is providing a strong and sustainable organisation: every year, our 200 customs experts handle more than 300.000 customs transactions all over the world.
These customs experts are GEFCO employees, 100% dedicated to customs management and optimisation: this AEO* certified, strategic and operational organisation enables GEFCO to handle your international business in a smooth, fast and reliable manner.

Finally, with more than 40 years experience, GEFCO helps you to optimise your cash flow, ensure full compliance and generate financial gains on a daily basis whilst accelerating time to market. 

* Or equivalent
** Inward
Processing Relief / Outward Processing Relief

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GEFCO optimises procedures and reliability.

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