HARMONY, the new solution of Customs Control Tower by GEFCO

GEFCO launches a new solution of a Customs Control Tower dedicated to multi-countries customs management: HARMONY

The overall international business environment has become more and more complex. This trend is sustainable. The supply chain landscape is evolving and it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain oversight, exert control, and ensure that customers get the best experience possible.
In a PWC survey of 209 global companies, 95% agreed that discrepancies between supply chain entities have increased in the past three years; 94% felt that changes in the extended supply chain network configuration occur more frequently, and 74% agreed that the number of entities in the supply chain has increased.
Effective customs management can elevate business to the next level while providing a competitive edge, helping to build a positive reputation for companies, ensuring supply continuity and optimal functioning all along the supply chain. 
That’s why GEFCO has reinforced its control tower offer with a dedicated Customs Control Tower: HARMONY. This solution provides a single point of contact, centralizes and improves international trade and customs activities in harmony with supply chain operations and challenges. 

With this new offer, GEFCO provides you with:

  • One single point of contact centralising your end-to-end operations: order management, performance monitoring and invoicing 
  • Compliance and risks management
  • Improvement of international trade and customs activities
  • Cash flow optimisation
  • Supply chain efficiency and continuity
  • End-customer satisfaction 

Customs Control Tower scope of services

Order Management   Tracking   Performance Monitoring   Centralised Invoicing  

Advanced Services:

Customs engineering & optimisation

Cost savings program

Our organisation

A dedicated team and single point of contact

Cloud-base collaborative platform: HARMONY


GEFCO Customs brokerage network: 200 international experts


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