GEFCO on the Silk Road

In order to support the international expansion of its customers, GEFCO is developing its multimodal, door-to-door transport solutions along the Silk Road.

A trade route historically linking Europe to Asia, the Silk Road is more topical than ever in the logistics sector. It has become a major trading route, supported by the governments of numerous countries in Europe and Central Asia as well as China. Chongqing, a major city in Southwest China and  one of China's four  municipalities (the other three are BeijingShanghai and Tianjin is endowed with a strategic location in connecting China to the west and is developing to be a key logistics hub along the new Silk Road .

GEFCO has established a strategic partnership with Chongqing government and handled vehicle import operations for BMW, PSA and Volkswagen to name but a few. Thus since 2014 - the year that Chongqing became China’s first inland port for vehicle importation-, GEFCO has handled more than half of the logistics transport operations for the 1,300 or so cars that have been imported via the port.

The close relationship between GEFCO and the city of Chongqing has even helped the Group become the market’s leading logistics integrator. Combining multimodal transport, door-to-door, customs operations and continued improvement of logistics flows, the GEFCO teams in China offer innovative solutions for vehicle imports. With extremely positive customer feedback in terms of cost reduction, lead times and respect for products, GEFCO is now turning to the 2-wheeler market to popularize the Silk Road solution.