• Olivier MACLER - Road Transport Opener
    Opener Olivier MACLER - Road Transport

    With a degree in Logistics and Transport Management, Olivier MACLER completed a first-year Master's degree in Logistics and Transport Management and during which he undertook a work-study placement at GEFCO. Having completed his second-year Master's degree with a specialisation in the Supply Chain, he is now continuing his experience within the Group on a VIE contract. 

    What did your work-study placement at GEFCO involve? 

    During the 24 months, I was given the task of managing the reference system within the Groupage activity: I had to monitor data management and the consistency of the information system reference systems. For example, I helped optimise a cost matrix for the Milan subsidiary. 

    I then joined the Overland Logistics Engineering Unit (continental transport). I was responsible for conducting optimisation studies for the organisation and distribution of spare parts. I was also entrusted with responding to "spare parts" calls for tenders.

    What did you learn during this time? 

    The work-study placement provided a useful supplement to the theoretical knowledge taught during the Master's course. I was able to fully understand the issues and constraints linked to the profession, and that confirmed my intention to continue down this road.

    How do you see your career today?

    I am now starting a new experience on a VIE placement at GEFCO Netherlands. After spending three years at Head Office, I will now be able to discover the local aspects of the Overland business line. In the long term, I am looking for any new experience that will add another string to my bow, potentially within an activity such as WRP (Warehousing Reusable Packaging) or FVL (Finished Vehicle Logistics).

    Which moment stands out the most for you? 

    During my first work-study placement, I helped a colleague draw up an operating procedure, which gave me the opportunity to discuss everyday working methods with the depot teams. It was a great chance to get an insight into work in the field and to find joint solutions for improvement.

    What advice do you want to give to future GEFCO work-study placement students? 

    Take advantage of the global and international position of GEFCO to bring added value to your work-study placement: be curious, participate in every opportunity and project that will allow you to gain additional experience. 

  • Sonia Rashid - Finance Opener
    Opener Sonia Rashid - Finance

    1. What is your role within GEFCO?

    I am undertaking a Finance Graduate programme. My programme involves three different placements in three different departments during a two year period. The first working in head office undertaking a treasury role, the second concerns working for finance methods and processes and the final placement consists of a financial analyst role for NON- FVL.  

    2. What studies did you make, in which school and to obtain which diploma?

    I have studied BA Accountancy at Coventry University and continuing to study to become a qualified chartered account with ACCA.

    3. What did you learn during your graduate programme / internship?

    Undertaking the graduate programme has provided me with greater understating of various aspects of finance.  I have learned relevant practical experience.
    As I am always involved with various projects there is constantly something new to learn in addition this has broadened my knowledge of GEFCO operations.

    4. What are your career aspirations?

    My career aspirations are to become a financial controller and then eventually moving up towards a finance director.

    5. What advice would you give future graduate / GEFCO trainees?

    This is a place for people for enjoy challenges. GEFCO provides a great deal of support and opportunities for those who are keen and willing to learn.