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  • Christophe de Ferron - Finished Vehicle Logistics Opener
    Opener Christophe de Ferron - Finished Vehicle Logistics

    Christophe de Ferron is Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL) Site Director at Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (France).

    In 2014, the site handled 38,000 vehicles and generated a turnover of €9.5 million through its storage, preparation, accessories installation, bodywork, and transport activities.

    What have been the major steps in your advancement at GEFCO?

    I have taken full advantage of the international career opportunities offered by GEFCO. After spending several months in London as Operational Management Controller, I moved to Milan in July 2002 to take over the deployment of the information systems for the Finished Vehicle Logistics business line in Italy. In 2006, I rejoined Head Office in Paris as Logistics and Purchasing Engineer for the South Europe zone. In May 2009, I moved to Warsaw to take over the operational management of the FVL business line at our Polish subsidiary. Finally, I have now managed the FVL site at Villeneuve-Saint-Georges since May 2012.

    What do you like most about your job?

    The site is an entity on a human scale, which means I can develop it - as well as the practices and activities - while benefiting from the expertise, knowledge and professionalism of a large group.

    What qualities are important in your role?

    A personal and determined commitment to drive change. A hands-on management approach to gear the sites to our customers' expectations.

    What challenges do you encounter on a daily basis?

    The Villeneuve-Saint-Georges site needs to be at saturation point to be profitable. We therefore need to constantly adapt the human and material resources to meet the demands of our customers. Our greatest challenge is implementing a planned and industrial management of our activities.

    What advice would you give to candidates applying to GEFCO?

    GEFCO is a rapidly changing company that offers its employees real independence in their work within a professional and industrial framework: don't hesitate to seize the career development opportunities the Group and the hundreds of entities in its network offer.

  • Fabrice Barthe - Finished Vehicle Logistics Opener
    Opener Fabrice Barthe - Finished Vehicle Logistics

    Fabrice Barthe is Development and Operational Performance Manager at Corporate FVL

    He is in charge of the Logistics Engineering Unit, the Methods and Processes department, improvement projects, and all studies preparing GEFCO for tomorrow's challenges.

    What have been the major steps in your career at GEFCO?

    I joined the Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL) activity at GEFCO UK in 1997. In 2000, I then joined Head Office as Purchaser for North Europe, then as Studies, Purchases and Schemes Manager for France. In 2005, I went back into "the field" as Operations Manager in Blyes. Then in 2009 I moved to Ghislenghien in Belgium as Belux FVL Manager. In 2013 I rejoined Head Office at Corporate FVL, where I currently work. It is a fascinating role, and very international by definition.

    What do you like most about your job?

    There is no routine, we are independent and free to look for good alternative solutions: that creates a lot of pressure, but it also gives our work much more meaning!

    We really are in a job where the human aspect is still firmly in place. We are in constant communication with a wide variety of contacts, in all countries, and in very different domains.

    What qualities are important in your role?

    Definitely a flair for finding solutions and the ability to make decisions quickly. Enjoying what you do, and being positive and enthusiastic. Even passionate about it!

    We work in the service sector: having people skills and maintaining a certain solidarity among the teams is essential.

    What are your daily challenges?

    We need to satisfy customer expectations, and even anticipate them. We need to motivate the teams and make sure they embrace the headings that the company wants to pursue in a changing environment. And of course, like any commercial company, we need to obtain financial results in order for the company to thrive.

    What advice would you give to candidates applying to GEFCO?

    Be very involved and have a real drive for teamwork. Behaviour is more important than technique alone: people develop and shape themselves through their experiences, but also through their ability to challenge themselves and maintain their motivation.

  • Marielle Otter - Warehousing, storage Opener
    Opener Marielle Otter - Warehousing, storage

    Marielle Otter is Logistics Site Manager at Mulhouse within the GEFCO WRP/WHS, Warehousing France activity.

    This 23,000 m2 warehouse stores logistics flows for some fifteen customers, mainly linked to the automotive industry.

    What does your job involve?

    My role involves managing and organising operational teams at the Mulhouse logistics site, i.e. 50 people. We carry out a range of handling operations for our customers: storage, repackaging, picking, labelling and ensure delivery to final destinations throughout the world (Europe, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, China). My priority is delivering the service and achieving the levels of production and profitability required by our customers and by GEFCO, in compliance with applicable regulations.

    What do you like most about your job?

    Managing a team is a responsibility I particularly enjoy. Solidarity, team spirit and customer focus are qualities that I appreciate in my employees on a daily basis. I also like the variety of challenges involved: even though our operating methods are governed by management standards, every day is different at work. We have to constantly adapt to our customers' requests and specific characteristics while maintaining stringent quality requirements.

    What qualities are important in your role?

    Knowing how to anticipate changes in activity, make decisions quickly, keep an eye on the social climate and always keep the interests of the customer in mind.

    What challenges do you encounter on a daily basis?

    Adapting the organisation to the volume of actual activity and meeting the lead times expected by our customers.

    Which highlight in your career at GEFCO have you learnt the most from?

    Each new project is important in human terms, insofar as they provide an opportunity to select and hire employees in order to ensure its successful completion. I also remember the success of a project in which one of the challenges was getting teams with very different professional experience to work together.

    What advice would you give to candidates applying to GEFCO?

    No advice: come and discover our jobs.

  • Sergio Marques - Sales fonction Opener
    Opener Sergio Marques - Sales fonction

    Sergio Marques is Key Account Manager for the Île-de-France region.

    He supports customers identified as strategic for GEFCO, whether in terms of the budget they allocate to us, their multi-site organisation, or the reference they represent.

    Since joining GEFCO, how have you evolved within the Group?

    I joined GEFCO in 2006 as Sales Representative at the Drancy and Gennevilliers depots. In 2011, I took over as head of the sales team at the Moissy Cramayel depot and, two years later, became Key Account Manager Île-de-France. In this position, my role is to win the loyalty and develop a portfolio of key accounts customers and prospects at regional level.

    What do you like most about your job?

    Due to its cross-functional nature, it's a job that involves a lot of people skills: communication and discussion with regional teams and the entire network are fundamental to my work.

    In addition, there is also a strong customer relationship considering what is at stake. Our teams are an integral part of their organisation, which means that we have a genuine partnership relation, with constant communication.

    What qualities are important in your role?

    There are plenty! Given the strategic issues at stake, professionalism is of course essential, in order to safeguard GEFCO's interests and image. You also need to be transparent, so that each stakeholder and decision-maker is aware of the ins and outs of the project. Sales qualities are a must: leadership, strength of conviction, listening skills, and perseverance.

    What challenges do you encounter on a daily basis?

    My main challenge is maintaining and developing GEFCO's market shares in a difficult economic climate and in the face of tough competition. On a daily basis, that means constantly seeking acceptable compromises that bring together the expectations of our customers and GEFCO's interests. In addition, managing key accounts means entering long sales cycles, sometimes lasting more than a year. Anticipation and preparation are therefore vital.

    Which highlight in your career at GEFCO have you learnt the most from?

    More than just a highlight, it is my development within the Group that has been the most rewarding. Thanks to the confidence shown by my various managers, I have been able to take on a number of different challenges. In eight years, GEFCO has helped me to evolve, learn and mature.

    What advice would you give to candidates applying to GEFCO?

    Like any ambitious company, GEFCO needs new talent, new skills and new ideas. My first piece of advice to those candidates would be to know your assets and your added value.

    GEFCO is also a company steeped in history, codes and rules. Candidates should therefore make an effort to understand this environment and to adapt to it.


  • Sophie DUGRE - OVERLAND/4PL Engineering Opener
    Opener Sophie DUGRE - OVERLAND/4PL Engineering

    Sophie DUGRE is Corporate Engineering Manager for the Overland business line.

    Created in 2013, this Overland engineering department has a dual mission: to support customers in their studies, and to contribute to the continued improvement of GEFCO's Overland activity.

    How is your career evolving at GEFCO?

    I joined the GEFCO "control tower" team in September 2012 after completing a VIE placement in logistics flows at PSA. For one year, I was responsible for managing rail and intercontinental flows for the Kalouga plant. This gave me the opportunity to discover platform logistics, business information systems, and price negotiation techniques. In 2013, I helped set up spare parts flows for Renault in the North region before joining the Engineering and Optimization teams at Overland.

    What is your current role at GEFCO?

    I carry out studies for General Motors as part of the 4PL contract, in order to optimise its "factory inbound" transport plans across Europe. More specifically, this involves analysing what is already in place and the customer constraints with a great deal of common sense and precision in order to propose new technical diagrams. Which can prove complicated given the requirements linked to the automotive industry! Another side of the activity involves keeping up with the developments in engineering tools and the good ideas and practices acquired through working with our other customers.

    What do you like most about your job?

    I like having a variety of tasks and understanding how things work; analysing and opening up a world of possibilities. That's what we do on a daily basis with our studies, using the information we learn from our customers and GEFCO experts. What also motivates me is knowing I am contributing to the construction of the Engineering and Optimization – 4PL department.

    What qualities are important in your role?

    People skills, common sense and precision, but also a natural curiosity.

    What are your daily challenges?

    Quickly acquiring in-depth knowledge of the customer, coordinating studies with teams spread across Europe in order to meet customer expectations and be profitable, and developing our methods - those are our challenges.

    What advice would you give to candidates applying to GEFCO?

    I think that candidates applying to GEFCO don't do so by chance, and I'm also sure that we all have a preferred field of expertise. My advice: know yourself and know where you want to go, but there's no limitation at GEFCO!

  • Coline Marchal - HR Business Partner South Africa Opener
    Opener Coline Marchal - HR Business Partner South Africa

    With a degree in Economics and Sociology as well as "Human Resources Management in Multinational Companies", Coline Marchal joined GEFCO UK in 2011 on a VIE contract within the Human Resources (HR) department.

    What were your assignments during your VIE placement at GEFCO?

    My main task was conducting projects involving social relations and staff commitment. In particular, I was responsible for setting up an Employee Forum to diversify the forms of staff representation (beyond trade union representation). During the two years of my VIE contract, I was able to discover all of the Human Resources functions, from recruitment to performance management, as well as remuneration and training.

    Where is your career heading today?

    After my VIE placement, GEFCO offered me the position of Human Resources Manager at the new GEFCO South Africa subsidiary: this involves supporting the development of activities through the implementation and management of HR policies adapted to the local context and legislation. More specifically, I like the variety of my work, and being able to quickly assess the impact of projects on the day-to-day and long-term development of the subsidiary.

    Which moment stands out the most for you?

    More than just a moment, it is the exchanges with the HR team that greatly influenced me during my VIE placement, in particular the rich discussions on specific cases or the difficulties we encountered individually. Team spirit is a key value at GEFCO, and I appreciated the fact that this can be seen in a tangible form within the HR department.
    My VIE placement was extremely educational thanks to the variety of subjects I was assigned, and I also appreciated the chance to put my opinions to the test and to build the reflexes I have today.

    What advice would you give to future GEFCO VIE volunteers?

    Be curious and don't hesitate to accept any assignments and tasks outside of your domain in order to develop your skills and your knowledge of the company. You can learn a lot, and may even discover a passion for a certain profession!