Attracting all talents


Our priority is to ensure your successful integration so that you quickly feel at home within the Group and so that you take on your new position under the best possible conditions. Following a personalised induction, you will quickly get to grips with your role within GEFCO and the resources available to help you develop your skills.

Your individual induction programme:

  • You will be greeted by human resources and the members of your team,
  • You will be briefed on GEFCO's organisation, values and operating mode,
  • You will be provided with support during the discovery and appropriation of your position, particularly in establishing communication with your key contacts,
  • You will receive training on the safety and prevention rules and practices enforced within the Group.


Starting up an activity abroad, opening a subsidiary, conquering new markets... Our developments offer a multitude of opportunities when it comes to professional and geographical mobility: all great ways to expand your experience!

Encouraging professional development

Present in 150 countries, GEFCO comprises 71 different nationalities. We encourage internal promotion, versatility and international mobility in all of our subsidiaries.

Expanding your skills

If you want to advance within GEFCO, we encourage you to seize opportunities for international mobility. These may take the form of a short-term transfer, a long-term assignment, a local contract, or an expatriation under special circumstances.

This is the best way for you to acquire a global vision of the logistics chain, by immersing yourself in a different and enriching cultural environment.