Our Awards & Recognitions

Industrial companies, logistics associations and industry press praised our teams for their intelligence and performance of solutions.

Groupe PSA's "2017 Supplier Awards"

Every year PSA rewards its best suppliers. During the event GEFCO has been awarded. Thanks to the "Cost Savings Award": GEFCO was recognized for their exceptional performance in economic areas (sales representatives, processes, methods, logistics, etc.) and their 2017 proposal of a cost reduction portfolio in line with Group targets.

85% of interns recommend GEFCO

For the first time, GEFCO took part in Europe’s largest satisfaction survey for interns, work-study and VIE (International Corporate Volunteering) participants, and is proud to have received the Happy Trainees label, awarded by interns working at the Group’s head office and its French subsidiary. Their favourite parts of working at GEFCO included the positive atmosphere, team spirit, and opportunity to develop their skills and expertise, as well as the independence and confidence they received. That is why 85% of interns said they would recommend GEFCO to their friends and classmates for an internship, work-study or VIE position.

The award "logistics Company of the Year" in the internationalisation category for GEFCO Italy

GEFCO Italy as its Logistics Company of the Year in the Internationalisation category
Assologistica, one of Italy’s top logistics associations, named GEFCO Italy as its Logistics Company of the Year in the Internationalisation category. With this award, Assologistica has recognised the company’s efforts in China between 2012 and 2015 to support the production and distribution of DS vehicles for its customer CPSA: the joint-venture created by car manufacturers PSA and Changan.


2016 Productivitt award given by Valeo

Valeo honoured GEFCO with its 2016 Productivity Award
In Brazil, automotive parts manufacturer Valeo honoured GEFCO teams with its 2016 Productivity Award during its annual suppliers convention. For the past two years, GEFCO has managed to reduce costs and lower the number of on-site loading and unloading operations by working to optimize upstream flows across all five sites operated by the company in Brazil.


Award for the most efficient logistics operator in Romania

During the Tranzit logistics fair, which brought together nearly 800 industry specialists in November 2016 in Romania, GEFCO claimed second place in the award for the most efficient logistics operator, thanks to its strong results, profitability, investments and low debt level.


The industry magazine El Vigia, awarded us with its prize for the "best multimodal initiative"

In Spain, the industry magazine El Vigia awarded GEFCO with its prize for best multimodal initiative, In Spain, the industry magazine El Vigia awarded GEFCO with its prize for best multimodal initiative, highlighting the quality of its rail services in Europe. In particular, the Spanish magazine praised the Barcelona-Marckolsheim line set up by the FVL teams. This line helped reduce the total volume transported between Spain and France by almost 2,000 truckloads in the first half of 2016.


Voestalpine in Austria bestowed us with the highest rating

Automotive and industrial equipment manufacturer Voestalpine bestowed the highest possible rating to the teams at GEFCO Austria during its annual supplier evaluation.


A golden award award by BMW

BMW Group recognized its Argentine subsidiary with the 2015 Golden Award for the excellence of its warehousing activities and cost control. Among the German car maker’s 37 warehouses worldwide, the BMW Argentina warehouse is leading the pack. This is also a victory for the teams at GEFCO, a partner of BMW for its warehousing activities. They have managed the distribution of motorcycles and logistics for replacement parts at dealerships across this vast country since 2007.


GEFCO China awarded "excellent supplier" by Kerui

GEFCO China was awarded “Excellent Supplier of the Year 2015” by Kerui, the leading Chinese energy equipment and services group. This award recognises door-to-door multimodal solutions deployed between China and the 1520 zone by GEFCO teams based in Qingdao. These solutions have reduced costs, controlled delays, streamlined logistics processes and generated international business.


GEFCO Romania awarded by Dacia

GEFCO Romania received the Dacia award for best external logistics supplier for its logistics activities on Dacia’s site in Mioveni, in central Romania. This award mainly entails the transport of new vehicles to the port of Constanta on the Black Sea, operated successfully since January 2008.