Ensuring visibility of flows is a key performance indicator across your supply-chain

In order to meet this strategic challenge, GEFCO continuously invests in state of the art IT solutions.

Collaborative information solutions adapted to your needs and those of your suppliers, consignees and customers

  • Collaborative web portal solution to manage your orders, Track and Trace your flows and analyse your activity.
  • EDI solutions: turnkey or tailored: GEFCO implements the most suitable solution to match your stakes.
  • API solutions: to interface in real time with your digital ecosystem 

Next generation operational and business intelligence tools

At every stage of your supply chain, we invest in a range of business intelligence and interconnected tools (geolocation, mobile terminals, IOT, pick to light, Voice picking, RFID…). The objective is to guarantee you continuous information on your physical flows and improve collaboration, productivity and quality.

The data produced will enable you to accelerate the decision making process and contribute to improving the knowledge of your partners and customers.