Social Responsibility programme

The GEFCO Group has established a social responsibility programme with the aim of improving the modes of operation with its employees, its clients and its partners, in line with the regulations of each of the countries where it operates. As of 2016 there were 41 subsidiaries and 2 joint-ventures that were concerned by the Global Framework Agreement on social responsibility.

A global internal commitment

The action principles and the rules and values that drive the company are contained in the "Operating Rules" applied throughout GEFCO worldwide. Like the Group, our employees undertake to:

  • Respect fundamental human rights,
  • Respect our customers,
  • Respect our suppliers,
  • Respect privacy,
  • Combat harassment and disrespectful behaviour,
  • Respect our health and safety rules.

Our teams undertake to respect the laws and regulations and to ensure the accuracy of accounting data. We also take care to never interfere with local political activities.

Committed to the Global compact

Since the UN Global compact was signed in December 2009, GEFCO has put a lot of time and effort into the ten founding principles concerning human rights, labour standards, the fight against corruption and environmental protection. This investment translates into the Group's values which are commitment, passion for service, solidarity, innovation and transparency.

Keen on bringing our CSR approach in line with the demanding benchmarks, our practices are regularly assessed by our external and internal stakeholders.