Our environmental policy

A source of performance and durability, GEFCO's environmental policy is both a factor in reducing costs and a way of improving practices.

Integrated environmental management

The environmental management plan is applied to all of the Group's lines of work, each with specific objectives and indicators.
The actions are determined and managed on the basis of an annual environmental report with the participation of 224 of the Group's sites. For this, GEFCO has chosen to initiate a voluntary certification approach according to the criteria of the ISO 14001 standard.
Reducing carbon emissions
To respond to the demands of the Grenelle law on the environment, GEFCO has set itself an ambitious target: for emissions levels to increase at a slower rate than that of our turnover. 
To do this, we have identified three major actions: 

  • Promoting alternatives to road - in particular the rail offer, for which were are a referential operator,
  • Improving the performances of our fleet of vehicles: today the fleet is equipped with the latest generation of deflectors and with a new on-board system that allows us to monitor fuel consumption. Trucks were restricted to 80 km/h ; (GEFCO is renewing its fleet so that it is in line with the Euro 6 standard and is asking its subcontractors to do the same),
  • Making drivers responsible, with training in eco-driving.

Preserving resources, reducing waste

Our environmental management plan has fixed numerical targets for reducing water and energy consumption and waste production. 
We encourage our lines of work and subsidiaries to develop eco-friendly practices and initiatives for reducing water and energy consumption. 
Waste management: 
all countries combined, GEFCO recycles an average of 72% of its waste. This is constantly progressing thanks to standardised management processes that reinforce local initiatives and the exchange of good practices.

Working with our clients

We make a commitment with our clients to reinforce their environmental actions: we are integrating a multimodal dimension more and more into our logistics schemes. We are also developing tools that allow clients to access data on their carbon footprint.

Making our subcontractors accountable

Environmental performance is now part of the selection criteria for our suppliers. For example, carriers must commit to only use vehicles that comply with the Euro 5 and 6 standards.