Our operational excellence

At all levels of the supply chain, the quality of logistics services is a key factor in increasing manufacturers' competitiveness. To guarantee impeccable quality of service for its industrial customers, GEFCO has defined and implemented rigorous quality procedures that are applied throughout the world.

A top-quality management system for a competitive supply chain

The Quality management tools implemented daily by the teams in the field aim at the continuous improvement of productivity for customers. Our priority to achieve the very highest quality is supported by a dedicated management system which enables the transversal management of our overall structure and our business lines.
The GEFCO Management System (GMS), our management system devoted to quality, is structured around the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. Its objective is to manage quality in all business lines and all countries with regard to respecting the environment.

Certifications & conformity

We proactively ensure that we respect the standards, qualifications and certifications required by our customers.

400 operational standards to guarantee the same level of quality throughout the world
GEFCO deploys an internal reference system for best practices: its 400 business line standards guarantee the same level of quality around the world. External and internal audits regularly verify the application of these standards across all of the sites.

Quality management: a comprehensive & global commitment

Measured through customer satisfaction, quality is at the heart of every service we offer. As well as being an ongoing objective which shapes the strategy of the Group, it is also a process which encompasses all of our activities and an approach which drives the ongoing improvement of our value chain.

  • 90% of customers are satisfied*.
  • More than 70% of GEFCO entities committed to the "Management through Quality" system,


Focus : Occupational accident prevention, a secure car-carrier

GEFCO teamed up with two major car-carrier manufacturers in order to create an innovative solution for preventing the risk of falls from the upper platform of a car-carrier.
The “dragonfly system” consists of a metal rail attached to the platform that makes it possible to guard rails from the vehicle’s door in order to ease the driver’s exit. The operator saves time, avoids shocks on the bodywork and works in a secured environment.


* Source : enquête de satisfaction 2013 - Direction de Gefco Management System.