Our engineering performance

The performance of our supply chain is at the heart of our expertise. GEFCO's logistics engineering experts analyse your restrictions and design the most competitive integral transport schemas. Our teams are committed to optimising them on a daily basis, while ensuring the operational and administrative management and while laying out logistics security plans.

Designing your transport schemes

Manufacturers entrust GEFCO's teams with analysing their complex challenges without being limited by borders or means of transport; the teams translate substantial resources into expertise.

A custom programme for building up your logistics chain
  • Our 4PL experts unit handles your logistics challenge from start to finish and takes on the challenge of optimising the performance of your logistics chain and of your overall budget.
  • Our engineering departments network designs transport schemas, carries out studies on multi-country feasibility all while optimising structures and costs.

Re-engineering flows: proactive support

Everyday and for each transport schema, GEFCO experts study process and cost optimisation options in order to adapt them to your situation. Our engineers also take proactive action so that you can benefit from savings obtained thanks to the reciprocation of our networks (road, sea, air or rail) and our storage sites.

Our flow re-engineering services
  • Development of GMA (joint supply management) offers,
  • Route and high-volume flow optimisation,
  • Load optimisation,
  • Containers management optimisation,
  • Integrating modal transfer into existing schemas,
  • Support for logistics migration projects,
  • Multi-country optimisation.

4PL partner of major manufacturers

As a long-time specialist in engineering for automotive flows, GEFCO has developed 4PL solutions for manufacturers in order to cover the whole logistics chain:

  • Taking action at each step of the supply chain,
  • Designing transport schemas,
  • Daily lineside optimisation by making dedicated teams available,
  • Flow mapping and optimisation (developing geographic intelligence tools),
  • Performance management  (Track&trace, establishing and follow-up of KPIs).