Express transport France

Express transport france

What is express transport in France?

Express transport in France refers to a quick and simple delivery service. Sometimes referred to as express couriers, the company in charge of transport undertakes to deliver the goods within a set deadline. Aimed at same-country delivery, this type of service is available both to private individuals and professionals.

When express transport in France is conducted, it is mostly done “door-to-door”. In other words, delivery of the package or goods is done directly into the end customer’s hands.

Although the scale and means of transport are different, express transport in France is in some ways similar to a standard courier service. Rates can also be modulated, tracking and communication are efficient and journeys are optimized according to deliveries and rounds. On the other hand, delivery lead times that are shorter than average may influence transport prices.

Specificities of express transport in France: 5 criteria to be remembered

For express transport in France to be recognized as such, the service provider must comply with certain criteria. These criteria ensure a better overseen delivery, and a reliable service:

  • Delivery is for local or national destinations only.

  • Transport continuity is ensured by a unique means of transport.

  • Said means of transport is determined in advance, according to freight or package volume: light vehicle, utility vehicle, truck, etc.

  • Delivery lead times are stated either as a mere estimate, or as a commitment.

  • Transport safety and protection are ensured.

It should be noted that a company specialized in express transport in France may also offer special features. It could for instance offer transport for perishable goods, heavy or cumbersome equipment, not forgetting fragile packages. These services are adapted to the weight and volume of the goods in question.

Examples and practical applications

In most cases, express transport in France is considered as such for deliveries made within 24 hours. Delivery lead times may go up to 48 hours. In this case, the term “semi-express transport” is used. These estimations are applicable for standard package volumes. Based on certain other features, namely for services dedicated to professionals, these lead times may vary. This would be the case for heavy industrial equipment or very large freight volumes to be transported.

In concrete terms, rates are based on various easily-identifiable features:

  • The distance covered between the sender (when the transporter takes responsibility of the package) and the recipient;

  • The type of goods, their weight and volume;

  • Delivery lead time, according to a set formula or estimate;

  • Whether delivery is understood in working days or not.

Express transport in France in figures

Given its flexibility and the presence of logistical platforms, express transport in France has never ceased to grow. Estimated at 5%, it can be explained by the success of e-commerce, as well as by the of means dedicated to express freight. On a national scale, this represents close to 900 million packages to be delivered every year, with turnover exceeding 6.5 billion euros.

Despite express transport in France using many different transport means, such as maritime or rail routes, its biggest impact is on road traffic. The latter amounts to 80% of all flows. This is because of customized orders and destinations requiring for trucks to move away from major transit lines. It means a more long-lasting offer can be suggested for local transport needs.

Regulatory cornerstones

  • Transport Code

  • regulations for importing goods to France

  • Regulation on the transport of goods and specificities of fragile and dangerous materials