Cash on delivery

What is Cash on delivery ?

or COD is a payment method deferred to delivery. In French, this is known as "livraison contre remboursement". This service is offered to merchants and shippers of goods by carriers and delivery companies.

It allows the end consumer not to pay for the order in advance and to only pay for their purchases on receipt. is an interesting payment method to reassure customers hesitant to order online. However, it may be costly for the shipper if goods are often returned without payment.

The characteristics of cash on delivery

In , payment for goods shipped in made by the end customer directly to the deliverer or carrier.

Therefore, the deliverer bears the responsibility for collecting payment from the customer in exchange for the delivery of the goods. They must then return the amount paid in exchange for remuneration for the service.

Payment was initially made in cash. But the sums due can also be paid by cheque or bank card.

The costs invoices for a service may be offered on a flat-rate or calculated based on the value of the products delivered. It should be noted that a service provides no protection against the loss of packages or damage.

Examples and application

How does cash on delivery work ?

The shipper books a delivery service with the deliverer or carrier of their choice. Shipping costs are settled even before the package is sent according to the provider's conditions. If the amount of the service is not due at the time, this amount must be indicated on the dispatch note.

On delivery of the goods, the carrier collects the amount due from the customer. The sum paid is then returned to the shipper within a period defined by the general conditions of sale of the transport provider. Unless specified otherwise in the general conditions of sale, the period for the return of the sum collected is 8 working days from delivery of the package.

What happens if the recipient refuses to pay ?

If the customer withdraws and refuses to pay for the delivery, the goods are returned to the shipper without cancellation of the transport fees.

According to their general conditions of sale, the transport provider may make 3 delivery attempts before returning the goods to the shipper.

Cash on delivery in figures

Regulatory framework

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