The external Community transit procedure (T1) applies mainly to the movement of non-Community goods
The internal Community transit procedure (T2) shall apply to Community goods which are dispatched from one point to another within the customs territory of the Community
Tariff barrier
Customs duties and taxes applied to imported products
Temporary admission procedure
The temporary admission procedure allows the temporary importation, with total or partial exemption from customs duties and taxes
Ternary Battery
A type of battery whose cathode is typically either NCM or NCA
Ternary battery
Lithium batteries using a polymer cathode composed of 3 metallic elements (nickel, cobalt, manganese or aluminium)
A battery factory with a capacity over 1 TWh per year.
Third country
refers to a country that is not part of European Union and for which tariff provisions and regulations apply automatically for import and export transactions carried out outside the single market.​
TIR carnet
International Highway Transit
TIR Carnets
he TIR Carnet is an internationally accepted customs transit and guarantee document
TIR convention
1975 Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods under cover of a TIR Carnet
Transit document (t1 or t2)
are documents which allow the duties and tax suspension for goods until the final point of destination.​
Transfer of a shipment from one carrier, or more commonly, from one vessel to another in transit.
Transitional Simplified Procedure) is a procedure which allows the import of goods from the EU into the UK without having to make a full customs declaration at the border.