EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)
Manner of linking together different applications in a company to make sure information systems are homogenous
(Export Control System) is the EU system for the control of indirect exports, such as export consignments declared for export at a location in one member state that exit the EU via another member state​
Electronic Data Interchange software
Entry in the Declarants Records
Energy Density
The amount of energy (Wh) that a battery can deliver per unit of volume
Energy Density
In physics, energy density refers to the quantity of energy in a material per unit of volume. We also talk about power density.
Energy Density of a Battery
For a battery, energy density refers to the quantity of energy able to be stored and restored during the operation of the equipment.
EUR1 certificate
Movement certificate reducing customs fees for the export of goods to a country having concluded a preferential agreement with the European Union
European Free Trade Agreement
Austria, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Sweden
Electric Vehicle