Delivery Duty Paid
The act of transferring products from one container to another
Declaration of trade in good
Monthly statistical and tax return established in the context of intra-Community trade by operators who have made introductions or shipments of goods
Unbundling on a sorting platform for goods to different customers
Deep sea
Maritime transport of goods between two international regions
Handling consisting of taking goods out of a container
Discharge Auditing / Settlement
Administrative act which constitutes the final phase of a customs or accounting operation
Documentary credit
Commitment by the importer's bank to guarantee to the exporter the payment of the goods
Door to door
Intermodal transportation from door to door
Duties payment
Customs duties and taxes are due in cash and must be paid before the goods are removed
Duty free purchase / Receipt of tax refund slips
Purchase exclusive of tax the "value added tax" (VAT)