Commercial accompanying document
Last vehicle centre or delivery zone serving a precise number of dealers
Cash on delivery
Payment on delivery or cash on delivery
Completely Built Unit
Implementing provisions of the Community Customs Code (EC Regulation)
Certificate of Importation
Document issued by agricultural offices in mainland France or regional customs receivers in the overseas departments for the importation of certain agricultural products
Certificate of origin
Document proving the origin of a good and established by an authorized authority in the country of origin
(Customs Freight Simplified Procedures) is a UK customs procedure which allows a faster release of goods from third countries. CFSP can be used by any companies in UK (importers & brokers) who are authorised by HMRC​.
Online Customs Clearance by Automated Transmission
Creation of a "kit" containing all of the spare parts needed to assemble one (or several) vehicle(s)
Clearance office
Office of filing of the customs declaration for a given customs operation or office of the beneficiary of a home procedure
Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road.
Assembly of two products using a shrink film or any other technique
The grouping on the same platform of products of different origins for the same customer
A salesperson is able to sell more than one solution at the same time
Customs clearance
Steps to take during an import or export operation to obtain the free transfer of ownership of the goods
Customs control
An act such as the examination of goods, documents or accounts, or the conduct of investigations
Customs declaration
An act by which a person indicates his willingness to place goods under one of the customs procedures provided for in the Community Customs Code
Customs procedure
The Community Customs Code provides for 8 customs procedures
Customs status of goods
The status of goods as "Community goods" or "Non-Community goods"
Customs/Bonded warehouse
Customs procedure authorizing the storage of non-Community goods without subjecting them to import duties or to commercial policy measures