• 1520 zone

    Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Baltics. « 1520 » refers to the rail gauge, measured in millimeters, used in Russia and the...

  • 3 PL

    3PL : « Third Party Logistics ».

  • 4 PL

    Arrangement in which a firm contracts out (outsources) its logistical operations to two or more specialist firms (the third party logistics) and hires another specialist firm (the fourth party) to coordinate the...

  • Agile method

    Agile methods are groups of practices that can be applied to various types of projects, but are usually used for IT development projects (software design).  

  • Basic salary

    Salary agreed to by the employer and the employee, either through the work contract or by the employer's decision, subject to compliance with laws and conventions...

  • Blog

    Contraction of "Web log". Website containing texts, images, hypertext links, published in real time, generally by one author, for individual purposes. 

  • Complaint

    Formulation of a customer's dissatisfaction. Complaints may take the following forms:

  • Cross-selling

    A salesperson is able to sell more than one solution at the same time. For example, the same customer is offered customs, logistics and overseas services, etc.