A multi-brand automotive distributor, Delta Car Trade runs a retail network of 600 independent dealerships in France, Switzerland and Germany.

Frédéric Recordon, Chief Operating Officer, Delta Car Trade

"In 10 years of operation, our company Delta Car has managed to establish itself on the new vehicle market thanks to its innovative technological platform and an efficient retail network. We offer garages and their customers a reliable source of supply for new multi-brand vehicles with high-quality service. Committed to a strategic objective of operational excellence, we were seeking to outsource “Pre-Delivery Inspection” (PDI) services for vehicles on sale. Our priority was to ensure better control of costs and vehicle delivery times. We felt that it was important to join forces with a European leader, and that's why we chose GEFCO.

Service quality and reduced delivery times

GEFCO has provided us with specialist contact partners in finished vehicle logistics, and designed a transport plan which allows us to group flows and standardise the quality of the PDI services in our three countries of operation. The teams have been able to incorporate our very strict specifications in terms of delivery times, quality and feedback.
The results are very positive: vehicle delivery times have dropped by 30% and we’ve recorded an increased satisfaction among dealerships and garages, and therefore among end customers. We have achieved real team building with the GEFCO team: our exchanges are fluid and constructive, and we enjoy the same service quality as manufacturer networks. We are sure that we have found the right partner to support our future development. ".


The GEFCO solutions meet our objectives in terms of operational excellence. 


We felt that it was important to join forces with a European leader, and that's why we chose GEFCO. 


Delta car in figures:

  • A network of 40 active suppliers in 15 European countries,
  • a catalogue of over 20,000 new multi-brand vehicles.


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