Rewards & recognition

Recognizing the work you do   

GEFCO has an attractive reward and recognition framework that reflects our performance-based culture underpinned by individual excellence and teamwork.  

We aim to offer every employee a fair package. Our rewards and recognition framework is based around three Cs:  

  • CARING: caring for our employees through a fair remuneration and benefits package in line with their competencies and performance 
  • CONTRIBUTION: rewarding individual and collective performance  
  • COMPETITIVENESS: attracting and retaining talents through remuneration based on responsibilities and competitive with local market rates 

A competitive total rewards package

At GEFCO, employees’ base salaries are just one part of our Total Rewards package. The Group wishes to offer a competitive and attractive reward package: 

  • Salary: rewards an employee’s skills, competencies and behaviors that are necessary to perform his or her role as outlined by the job description 
  • Variable pay: an attractive global bonus program to reward individual/group achievements or “extra miles” defined periodically   
  • Benefits: increase employees’ well-being as an enhancement to cash rewards 
  • Recognition: recognizes exceptional client-focused contributions and Infinite Proximity extra miles 

The space to discuss and learn

We ensure appraisal interviews are given sufficient time for in-depth discussions between managers and employees.  

As we grow together, we further develop the principles of trust, professional development and personal self-fulfillment in the GEFCO network. We nurture open dialogue to evaluate and enhance our daily work and design lasting co-operation through our Performance Management Programme (PMP). 

As a part of our PMP, we conduct annual evaluation interviews. These follow standardized guidelines to guarantee equity and ensure employee advancement and fulfilment.

A chance for open discussion

The individual appraisal is a key moment for employees and managers to talk openly and in full confidence. Various aspects are addressed: objectives and achievements, remuneration, training and work-life balance. Career aspirations are also discussed, along with training and development plans. 

Following these appraisals, managers and team members keep up regular exchanges to monitor progress and ensure employees implement their development plans.