Developing skills for the future

Where experience meets learning 

Building a rewarding career

We organize regular formal discussions to give our people the opportunity to express their aspirations and build their own career path.  

We promote internal mobility, allowing employees to pursue career paths across different business lines, enjoy different experiences and develop new skills. 

Plot your future path

  • Through our job profiles, employees have a clear view of the development opportunities open to them. 
  • Our people can evaluate different options for their career paths, while identifying important milestones and the skills needed to succeed. 
  • Employees receive support from their managers to help guide their career choices. 

One day in my life: sharing knowledge and mutual respect

The “One day in my life” initiative allows employees to experience other colleagues’ jobs. In addition to gaining knowledge, the program encourages mutual respect and empathy among colleagues. Events are organized at specific times of the year, offering employees a better understanding of the different departments at GEFCO, as well as the importance of their own role. 

We learn together

Mentoring promotes fresh perspectives

GEFCO has initiated a Group mentoring program, designed to run for up to a year, depending on specific needs.  A variety of topics are included: managing time and setting priorities, building and maintaining a network, developing leadership skills, etc. The mentors are other employees who are happy to share their experience while developing their own management skills. 

For a rewarding experience, mentors and mentees receive training to understand their role and how the system works.  

Mentors help new recruits and young graduates fit into the company and pass on their skills. “Reverse mentoring” is also used in some cases (e.g. when junior employees train more senior managers).  


Training the trainers

A coaching program is available to develop managers’ leadership skills and help their teams achieve their full potential.

A thirst for knowledge and training

The third component of our employee career development framework is training.  

GEFCO allocates at least 3% of its annual payroll to training, to ensure that its expertise and know-how are in line with market and business trends.  

The priorities for our training programs are: 

  • Developing the skills required for the Group’s future growth 
  • Ensuring all our people have the right expertise to perform their jobs 
  • Preparing our people for future roles 
  • Supporting managers as they help their teams advance their careers