Responsibility and Ethics

Integrity drives trust

GEFCO’s code of ethics: the foundation for long-lasting partnerships 

In a complex and fast-changing world, conducting our business with integrity is essential to increasing trust among our teams and recruitment candidates. A strong focus on ethics is paramount to achieving long-lasting partnerships for a sustainable future. We are committed to diversity and inclusion in our workforce, and we encourage international mobility, aiming to create synergies between our teams as a way to boost our performance.  

All things being equal

Our recruitment managers and other employees receive training on fair and equal human resources management. This applies to all our decisions on recruitment, remuneration, career management, training and promotions, the workplace environment and working hours.

Diversity as a model for good business

We are convinced diversity provides both a rewarding working environment and a competitive edge. We promote gender diversity, equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practices in recruitment, training and career development. 

Strength through difference

We proactively recruit and promote people with disabilities, particularly through awareness-raising campaigns and training for all employees. 

Examples of GEFCO initiatives include: 

  • A disability agreement in France since 2008, with our reaffirmed commitment for the 2021-2023 period (In France, people with disabilities accounted for more than 6% of our workforce in 2017) 
  • In France, people with disabilities represented more than 6% of our workforce in 2020;
  • In France, we have set up a partnership with a firm specialising in the recruitment of disabled employees and work-study students;
  • A campaign in GEFCO Argentina to raise managers’ awareness of the importance of integrating workers with disabilities into the workforce 
  • A partnership between GEFCO Czech Republic and an office furniture manufacturer employing people with disabilities 
  • A collaboration between GEFCO Germany and the government authority for disability work equipment (e.g. ergonomic chairs) 

A concrete commitment for gender equity

Under French regulation, companies must evaluate their progress regarding gender equity through an index including five KPI’s (pay gap, difference in the distribution of individual salary increases and promotions, percentage of salary increases after a maternity leave and the number of women and men in the highest salary range). In 2022, the headquarters of GEFCO SA obtained the score of 89/100.

GEFCO SA continues to promote professional equity and to guarantee equal opportunity and treatment for all.