A major partnership in the management of Aerospace Inbound and Outbound flows

Business Case

Company: Mecachrome Group

Industry: Aviation, Aerospace and Defence

Solutions: Sea, air, road, customs, control tower

Since 2018, we have managed the transport operations and monitored the Mecachrome Group’s inbound and outbound flows around the world.

We enabled Mecachrome to improve its global supply chain and develop full visibility of its international flows.

We also significantly enhanced customer experience by handling all transport and purchasing contracts within 2PL and 3PL through a dedicated international control tower and a powerful collaborative IT system.

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  • Geographical scope: Europe, North Africa
  • Full supply chain coverage 
    • Inbound Logistics: 9 plants supplied (7 in France) with raw materials from 15 suppliers located in CA, DE, FR, IT
    • Outbound Logistics: delivery of finished and semi-finished products to: 
      • 88 plants (SAFRAN, AIRBUS, ROLLS ROYCE, STELIA ...) located in BE, CA, DE, DK, ES, FR, GB, IT, SE
      • 350 subcontractors located in AT, BE, CH, CZ, DE, ES, FR, GB, IT, MA, NL, PT, RO, SE

Mecachrome Group challenges

  • Cost reduction of 10%
  • Flows management and monitoring 
  • Continuous improvement 
  • OTIF target: minimum 98%
  • Enhanced visibility 
  • Streamlining, simplification and smoothness of processes 

GEFCO Solution

  • Existing solution audit and reengineering
    • Transport 
    • Customs
    • Costs 
    • Organisation
    • IT
  • Solution design and implementation with a dedicated central customer team (sales, engineering, operations)
  • International Control Tower set up (FR)
    • Takeover of all transport contracts and optimised purchasing with 2PL and 3PL
    • Powerful collaborative IT system: SCOTT
    • 1 FTE (Tours, FR) and 1 in plant-resource (Amboise FR) 
    • Harmonised processes for all operations and plants 
    • Advanced business analytics 

Benefits for the Mecachrome Group

  • Unique point of contact covering its full supply chain
  • Decreased costs 
    • Overall budget reduced 
    • Productivity improved
  • Improved customer experience
    • Operational and sales conditions harmonised and optimised for all plants (service level, lead times, terms and conditions…)
    • Customer service improved 
    • Risks management enhanced
  • Year 2: extended supply chain optimisation 
    • Further simplification and synchronisation of all supply chain players (advanced IT functionalities interfaced with customer’s ERP and WMS)
    • Warehousing activity optimisation


logistics providers for road, sea, air


Mecachrome plants managed by the GEFCO control tower


aerospace plants or customers



After a first year of collaboration, the teams GEFCO and Mecachrome have demonstrated through their collaboration that significant improvements in flows monitoring could lead to productivity gains and also improve processes. We are now committed to continuous improvement, which should enable us to increase the productivity of our transportation and storage activities.

Vincent Houette

Supply Chain Director, Mecachrome Group