How to make your inbound supply chain leaner and greener?

Business Case

How to make your inbound supply chain leaner and greener with a full reusable packaging solution.


Company: International car manufacturer

Business sector: Automotive

Solutions: Reusable packaging

Geographical areas: Europe

Customer context

  • This car manufacturer was initially dealing with various one-way packaging types. This was generating packaging waste within the plants and could not guarantee the full integrity and quality of production parts.  

  • The non-standardised and not stackable packaging was not efficient for transport (loading optimisation), storage and lineside deliveries.  

Business challenges

  • To substantially reduce packaging waste within the plants  

  • To standardise the inbound processes  

  • To optimise the transportation operations  

  • To reduce handling operations  

  • To reduce cost: transportation & storage  

  • To improve quality & integrity of production parts 

  • To reduce CO2 footprint  

GEFCO Solution

  • Engineering and design of an optimised reusable packaging solution across a European ecosystem  
    • 21 plants 
    • 1,500 suppliers 
  • Change management across the Automotive ecosystem 
    • Local training and support to the suppliers and factories 
  • Supply of standardised reusable packaging: stackable and washable 
    • 23 M packaging delivered to the plants / year 
  • Empty packaging “pool” management 
    • Delivery according to suppliers’ orders or automatic supply upon plant’s production  
    • Collection of empty containers from the manufacturer’s plant  
  • Packaging flow monitoring by central and local GEFCO teams  
    • Dedicated reusable packaging contract manager 
    • Collaborative IT system (NETBOX): ordering, tracking, invoicing, flow and stock management  
    • Local support for suppliers & plants (asset auditors & account managers, multilingual customer service team)  
    • Strategic & operational performance review 
  • KPIs monitoring & continuous optimisation 
    • Service level  
    • Productivity plans  

Customer Benefits

  1. Cost and green efficiency 

  2. Kilometers/container reduction thanks to pool management concept (packaging massification and pooling, transport plan & loading optimisation) 

  3. CO2 reduction 

  4. Packaging waste removal  

  5. Health and Safety improvement: no injuries linked to carton usage   

  6. Increased standardisation and productivity within the whole ecosystem  

  7. Improved production parts integrity and therefore quality  

Reusable Packaging Solutions Leaflet

A game changer for your inbound logistics