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Business Case

Company: DLG

Industry: Consumer Goods

Solutions: Cross-dock, consolidation, road transport with dynamic transport plan and last mile delivery 

Since 2015, we have developed a successful partnership with DLG to deliver to Europe non-perishable items. 

We have optimised its Outbound by supplying 200 stores guaranteeing lead times, product integrity and offering full visibility. 

The goods are consolidated in our warehouse in Dortmund (DE), transported to our hubs all over Spain and then delivered to the stores. The end-to-end traceability is ensured by our web portal Gefc@nnect and our teams dedicated to flow monitoring and optimisation. 

Historically, we have operated in the very demanding Automotive sector and we have been applying these high standards to DLG ensuring they receive a high quality service. 

To support DLG strong economic growth in Europe, our teams provide them with timely communication, agile short decision-making paths, responsive engineering to deploy new countries or new consignees and always deliver the best end customer experience.


"Given our dynamic growth, it was a challenge for GEFCO to work with us.
But they completed challenges with speed and agility, which is rare in this market. We know GEFCO is well-established in Europe. So, we hope to continue our collaboration in other EU markets."

Jürgen PAUL

Logistics Manager of DLG