Business Case

How to ensure a seamless customer experience by perfect synchronisation between transportation and customs flows.


Company: Delta Car Trade S.A. 

Business sector: Automobile

Solutions: Transport of vehicles, and management of procedures

Geographical areas: Europe

Customer context

Delta Car Trade S.A. is an independent multi-brand automotive group, founded in 2004 with a headquarters located in Switzerland. The group has offices in Switzerland, France, Germany  and the Netherlands. Delta provides a complete solution for consumers and professionals to buy or sell a new car. As part of its international development in Europe, Delta  was looking for a solution to accelerate its international flows that require procedures.

Business challenges

  • To synchronise all transport and stakeholders
  • To proactively manage any anomaly related to before physical arrival in Swiss
  • To increase the customer experience with reliable delivery times

GEFCO Solution

  1. Management of vehicle transport and associated procedures
  2. A local team based in Switzerland, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic (communication in local language) and a central contact in charge of setting up the solution, managing the performance and any major disruptions
  3. Proactive information transmitted to teams on transport as soon as orders for the transport of vehicles are received

Customer Benefits

  1. Anticipating document needs before the trucks even leave
  2. Anticipation of documentary anomalies before the truck arrival at the physical check point at the border 
  3. Reliability of import
  4. 80% reduction in blockage
  5. Administrative time saving
  6. Reliability of delivery times
  7. Reduction of VAT invoicing costs due to missing export declaration 
A truck stuck in customs at the border represents a 1 day delay for our customer delivery times and several days then on the following loops. GEFCO's "One stop shop" approach, which makes it possible to synchronise transport flows (physical and information flows) and customs document flows. This integrated logistics solution is a real "booster" for the development of our customer experience and therefore of our company in a challenging automotive market where supply bottlenecks make difficult to keep up with the demand making even more important compliance with delivery deadlines

Jérôme Moos

Logistics & Manager, Delta Car Trade S.A.