Brexit - Compliance and efficiency across a car supplier ecosystem

Business Case

How to ensure full Brexit compliance and efficiency across a car supplier ecosystem


Company: Worldwide leading car supplier

Business sector: Automotive

Solutions: Customs engineering and operations across a complex ecosystem of 17 plants in 9 countries, 50 carriers and 8 car makers plants.  

Customer context

Like 3 in 4 companies in 2020 [1], our customer was not ready for Brexit disruption!  

Business challenges

To be supported on a daily basis on a strategic and operational standpoint for Customs and transport 

  • Before Brexit 
    • To appraise the Brexit scope of flows and tackle car manufacturers’ expectations 
    • To ensure documentation compliance for Customs and transport  
  • After Brexit  
    • To ensure full coordination and reliability 

GEFCO Solution

A competitive & secure solution across the Automotive ecosystem  

Partnership set up between Customer & GEFCO 

  • Mirroring organisation GEFCO-Customer at central & local levels  
  • Flows analysis and related INCOTERM®, risks appraisal,  

Preparation to phase 1 

  • Processes and documents review for compliance 
  • Streamlining of documentary processes and optimisation of customs procedures  

Preparation to phase 2 

  • Key figures
    • 17 plants - 9 countries
    • 5,000+ customs clearances/year from/to GB
    • GEFCO taskforce (Central project team, 15 Customs brokers)
  • Communication and training program to ensure carriers' readiness to the GVMS declarations 

Customs management &monitoring = 5,000 operations / year 

  • Full range of customs clearance operations (prelodged, transit …) 
  • Crisis management and backup solutions  

Customer Benefits

Unlike 90% of the companies surveyed [2] in 2021, our customer have NOT experienced disruption in their ability to trade in and out of the EU, on the contrary!   

  • 100% compliance  
  • 100% security for the yearly 5,000 Customs & transport operations 
  • Cost & time efficiency  

Key learnings

When it comes to successful global trade, holistic approach and planning are not just essential for compliance – it makes a real difference for business continuity.

  • The value of preparation
  • Acting ahead of deadlines
  • Acting globally and cross-functionally across a full ecosystem  

[1] IoD
[2] Beyond Brexit: The Realities of Brexit for UK-EU Cross Border Trade, Descartes, 2021.  

How to ensure full Brexit compliance and efficiency across a car supplier ecosystem

Business case

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Brexit partnership

since 2020

9 countries – 17 plants

5,000 customs

declarations /year


  • Long-term expertise

    • 70+ years Customs
  • Brexit regulatory & engineering capabilities

    • Taskforce in central and local levels
    • Day to Day strategic and operational support
  • Mirroring Brexit central & local organisation

    • Customs + Transport