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A leading global automotive supply chain integrator

GEFCO is a world expert in complex supply chain solutions. The Group designs and implements value-added logistics solutions for inbound, outbound, and aftersales markets all around the world. The Group is the world expert in all aspects of automotive logistics, and has expanded its competencies into other supply chains such as consumer goods, fashion, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and aeronautics. No other logistics provider combines this unified, multimodal global presence with the flexibility and expertise to design specific, integrated solutions for each and every customer.

A #1 position in Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL) in Europe

With almost 20% market share in 2018, GEFCO is Europe’s leading mover of finished vehicles, delivering more than 5 million vehicles per year globally across more than 100 compounds through a seamless, multimodal network from factory to distribution centres, and then to car dealers and end customers. GEFCO is also increasingly expanding its footprint in the sizeable second-hand vehicle logistics market, moving cars for car manufacturers, car rental, leasing companies or e-commerce pure players.

A provider of complex logistics and time criticalsolutions across the value chain

Fully integrated within its multimodal transportation offering, GEFCO has a proven ability to provide flexibility and responsiveness to its customers as well as a wide variety of value-added services such as the delivery of Post-Production Operation (PPO) and Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) services on finished vehicles and the design control and optimisation of customers’ supply chain through dedicated control towers. The Group has also developed significant expertise in providing customers with on-demand, time-critical solutions, designed to provide tailored solutions to meet unpredicted requirements that arise either because of their timing sensitivities or due to their sizeable and/or complex nature.

An agile player across various industries

Historically focused on automotive logistics, GEFCO has successfully developed its solutions over a variety of logistics verticals to become a leader in complex supply chain solutions serving various end-markets. The diversification has been achieved through strategic selection of verticals and customers facing similarly complex logistics chain requirements. The Group has successfully expanded into the consumer goods, fashion, healthcare, pharmaceutical and aeronautic sectors, building long-lasting relationships with blue chip customers.

A Group with an asset-light and flexible business model

The Group operates under an asset-light model, owning only strategic assets such as railcars and some of its compounds to ensure a competitive advantage and to increase the Group’s flexibility. The Group operates a specialised fleet of over 4,100 railcars, all designed to meet automotive customers’ needs as well as more than 10,000 trucks daily, owning only c. 850 of them. The Group benefits from a strong and cash generative financial profile supported by a flexible cost base (80% variable costs / 20% fixed costs).

4.6 bn

turnover in 2018

160 M

EBIT 2018



GEFCO’s revenue amounted to €4.6bn in 2018, driven by the good performance of Groupe PSA as well as Market Clients (customers other than Groupe PSA and Opel-Vauxhall). Market Clients continued to grow steadily driven by both new auto and non-auto customers globally and continued cross-selling accompanying existing customers in their own development.

The Group’s recurring EBIT is driven by the continued focus on profitable growth as well as efforts from the management to implement performance improvement initiatives.

GEFCO enjoys excellent financial health with a flexible financial structure and strong balance sheet. The Group’s ROCE is driven by its asset-light model (limited capital expenditure requirements), its strong balance sheet as well as continued measures aiming at improving operational and financial efficiency and increasing margins.

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