Engineering performance

Ensuring performance at every step of the journey

Supply chain performance is at the heart of our expertise

GEFCO’s engineering experts analyse customer requirements and design the most competitive integral supply chain schemes.  Every single day, manufacturers team up with our experts to analyse their complex challenges without being limited by borders or means of transport. For all types of transport schemes, GEFCO experts study process and logistics options in order to adapt them to each unique customer situation under cost, emissions and lead-time constraints. 


Optimizing your flow

GEFCO offers joint supply management offers for:

  • Route and high-volume flow optimisation
  • Load optimisation
  • Container management optimisation
  • Integrating modal transfer into existing schemes
  • Support for supply chain migration projects
  • Multi-country optimisation

4PL solutions for the most demanding supply chains

As a long-time specialist in engineering for automotive flows, GEFCO has developed 4PL solutions for manufacturers in order to cover the entire supply chain from start to finish.

  • Acting at each step of the supply chain
  • Designing transport schemes
  • Carrying out multi-country feasibility studies, all while optimizing structures and costs
  • Ensuring daily lineside optimisation by making dedicated teams available
  • Finetuning flow mapping and optimisation (developing geographic intelligence tools)
  • Developing performance management (Track & Trace, set-up and follow-up of KPIs)

Our experts take on the challenge of optimizing the performance of your supply chain and of your overall budget.

Traceability is our imperative

Ensuring visibility of flows is a key performance indicator across your supply chain.

To meet this strategic challenge, GEFCO continuously invests in state-of-the-art IT solutions, including:

  • Collaborative information solutions adapted to your needs and those of your suppliers, consignees and customers
  • Collaborative web portal solution to manage your orders, track and trace your flows, and analyse customer activity
  • EDI solutions, turnkey or tailored: GEFCO implements the most suitable solution to match your stakes
  • API solutions to interface in real time with your digital ecosystem

Next generation intelligence tools

At each stage of your supply chain, GEFCO invests in a range of business intelligence and interconnected tools (geolocation, mobile terminals, IOT, pick to light, voice picking, RFID etc.). The objective is to guarantee customers continuous information on their physical flows and improve collaboration, productivity and quality.

The data produced enables customers to accelerate the decision-making process and contributes to improving the knowledge of their partners and customers.